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We’ve all had to answer questions about what we wanted to be when we were younger, but some of us (myself included) are still searching for an answer. MyPlan offers various assessments to discover new possibilities, so I took the personality test to see what I could learn. I’ll walk you through my experience, from registering to reviewing my results, to give you an insider’s look at what the career test offers. Whether you’re looking for your first career or a change, I’ll help you decide if MyPlan is worth exploring. 

MyPlan Overview 

Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, MyPlan is one of the most experienced career test providers and caters to students, graduates, and career changers. MyPlan offers a career personality, interest, skills, and values test, each with different objectives and results. I took the career personality test, which identified my personality type and top career matches. 


  • Offers multiple career assessment tests
  • Based on proven psychological and typological models
  • Discount available for bundled purchases


  • The results are generic 
  • Basic user interface and test-taking experience

Bottom Line: MyPlan isn’t the most visually appealing or intuitive career test, and for $10, I was hoping to receive personalized results and career advice. If you want comprehensive and usable results, I recommend trying instead. 

Why Did I Try MyPlan?

I always enjoyed writing throughout school and wanted to continue after I graduated. While I’ve made a career out of it and feel content, I like to seek inspiration and discover new opportunities, even if only to gain confidence in my decision. 

I found MyPlan while researching the best career tests and was impressed with its long-standing reputation. I decided to try the career personality test to see what I could learn, but I can’t say I gained much in the end. 

My Experience Taking MyPlan’s Career Test

After making an account and paying $10 for the career personality test, I immediately got access and started. Here’s how my experience went: 

Registration and Preparation

The registration process was nothing out of the ordinary. I had to provide relevant account details like my name, age, email address, gender, occupational status, and ZIP code. MyPlan has no preparation materials or guides, but getting started and understanding the test procedure was easy.

myplan career test

Test Procedure and User Interface

The career personality test is split into two sections, with 60 questions in total. It took me about 15 minutes to finish the test, but there wasn’t a time limit. Each page has several questions, but I couldn’t change my answers once I progressed to the next page. While the test procedure was straightforward, the user interface was nothing special. It looks outdated and lacks notable features, but on the bright side, I didn’t encounter technical issues or difficulties.

myplan career test questions

Question Types and Clarity 

Although the test has two sections, both contain nearly identical sets of multiple-choice questions. The first section asked me which answer comes closest to describing how I usually think, feel, or act, and the second section asked me which statement I felt was more accurate. Each question only had two statements to choose from, and all of them were clear and easy to understand.

myplan career questions

Privacy and Data Handling

According to its privacy policy, MyPlan says that it doesn’t share personal data with third parties. While the policy could use an update to make it easier to read, MyPlan has a standard data handling procedure to protect personal information. 

Customer Support

MyPlan doesn’t list its customer support availability or estimated response time, but it’s easy to find contact methods on its website. However, MyPlan focuses more on technical and general inquiries than customer support for career tests. 

What Did My Results Reveal?

After taking the career test, I immediately got access to my full report since I had paid in advance. I also have the option to retake the test and generate a new report as many times as I want. Here’s what I learned:

Report Delivery

I can only view my report on MyPlan’s website or print each page individually. I didn’t have to wait to access my results and can access them anytime through my account.

Presentation and Depth

My results are divided into three sections: personality type report, personality type statistics, and my top career matches. Each section has its own page and is easy to navigate, partly because it’s a relatively sparse report. 

My personality type report identified me as ISTP (introverted, sensor, thinker, and perceiver). There are sixteen possible types, and the report covers what it means to be my particular type. It contains paragraphs, graphs, and bulleted lists that explain each trait in detail, but it’s generic information that applies to anyone who shares my type. 

Overall, the report is underwhelming and basic, mainly because it doesn’t provide personalized results or go into significant detail. It’s easy to scan but doesn’t offer notable features or comprehensive results that warrant $10.

Relevance and Usability

I mostly agree with how MyPlan classified my personality, but I didn’t gain much new knowledge that could help my career search. For example, I can compare how I scored to other test takers in each of the four personality dimensions, but I’m not sure how to use this information or benefit from it. Similarly, my career matches don’t feel accurate or representational of my true interests, although others with my personality trait may feel otherwise.

myplan career test report

Post-Test Support and Resources

MyPlan offers tools for college and degree research as well as general career exploration. These include databases, videos, a salary calculator, and college rankings. These are helpful resources and apply to students, graduates, and mid-career professionals, but they’re also free for anyone to use.

Do I Recommend MyPlan? 

My experience with MyPlan could have been better. I found the personality assessment accurate, but it was generic information that needed more usable feedback. I would recommend MyPlan if it was free, but it didn’t provide enough valuable information for the price. 

In comparison, is the best career test I’ve used. I enjoyed taking the test and liked the user interface, which felt modern and built for today’s world. It asked me how much I value job security, career advancement, and other personal factors to recommend suitable career paths, giving me more accurate results based on what I actually want. also has a responsive customer service team and a generous satisfaction policy, which shows their dedication to helping people find the right career. Based on my experience, I recommend you try their career test and see what you can learn, whether you’re looking for your first career or a new one.

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