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Embarking on a career search isn’t always a clear-cut path, whether for students or professionals wanting a change. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is one of several assessments that claim to help by providing accurate and inspirational guidance, so I gave it a try and documented my experience. I’ll cover the process, what came with my results, and my overall first hand impressions. In the end, I’ll give my honest take and if I recommend you try it. 

Keirsey Temperament Sorter Overview 

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is an assessment that classifies your personality type into one of four temperaments: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, or Rational, and which of four sub-categories you most embody. Designed by Dr. David Keirsey, this career test has been used for years by millions of people, including major corporations and organizations. 


  • Long-standing reputation and credibility
  • Comprehensive personality insights
  • Can download and print the report


  • No interactive or notable features
  • Limited career recommendations
  • Includes generic information

Bottom Line: Based on my experience, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter is more of a personality assessment than a career test, but it still provides valuable insights for career planning.  

Why Did I Try the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Career Test?

After graduating in 2022, I decided to try writing for a living. While I’m satisfied with my decision, there’s a limitless world of opportunities that may be better suited to the things I want in life. I started looking into the best career tests to see what I could learn and was impressed with Keirsey’s credibility and endorsements. Within a few clicks, I found my way to the test and got started. 

My Experience with Keirsey Temperament Sorter’s Career Test

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is easy to find at the top of the homepage. After reading the directions and selecting my language, I began answering questions immediately. Here’s what to expect:

keirsey instructions

Registration and Preparation

Keirsey didn’t ask me for registration details or personal information until I finished the test. I had to provide my name, email address, and credit card information to access the Temperament and Careers full report. I didn’t need or find any preparation materials, but the directions at the beginning of the test sufficed. 

Test Procedure and User Interface

The Temperament Sorter took me about fifteen minutes to finish, but there isn’t a time limit. I could only answer one question at a time, and a progress dial at the top right of the page kept track of my progress. I couldn’t navigate to previous questions and change my answers without restarting the entire test, so I took my time and made sure I selected what I wanted. The user interface was relatively basic and didn’t have notable features, but it worked as it should and was easy to navigate.

keirsey career test questions

Question Types and Clarity 

The test only contains multiple-choice questions, each with two options. I had to select which option I preferred or agreed with the most, such as if I’m more likely to trust my experiences or conceptions.

Most of the questions dealt with ideas and inclinations rather than career preferences, and I found them engaging and thought-provoking. All the questions were simple and concise, but some took me a second to consider.

keirsey career test

For example, when I was asked if I was more sensible than ideational or vice versa, I didn’t have a gut answer. I didn’t need to look up explanations for any of the questions, but I had to think about which seemed more applicable since I’ve never considered the comparison before (and no one has ever asked me this). But some users, primarily young students, may find some of the questions ambiguous or abstract. 

Privacy and Data Handling

Keirsey claims it only uses personal data for contact purposes (including sending out monthly newsletters) and doesn’t share it with third parties without consent. For more information, Keirsey’s privacy policy outlines exactly how they handle personal information. 

Customer Support

Keirsey has a multi-purpose inquiry form on its contact page, including for customer support. However, they don’t specify availability or estimated response times, and the paid results don’t come with a satisfaction guarantee. Keirsey also has an FAQ page, but it’s tailored to client and business needs rather than their Temperament Sorter users.

What Did My Results Show?

After finishing the test and paying $29.95 for the Temperament and Careers full report, I immediately got access and started reviewing. Here’s everything I found: 

Report Delivery

I can view my report as a PDF online or download it to my computer. Keirsey doesn’t have an online interactive version, but I can access the file through my account from multiple devices if needed. And because the report is a PDF, it’s easy to print. 

Presentation and Depth

keirsey career test results

The full report is easy to navigate due to the table of contents at the beginning and clear graphs, descriptions, and signposts to convey the information. It contains 32 pages and covers:

  • Details about my temperament and the other three types
  • How my temperament shapes my career
  • Information about my temperament in the workplace
  • Tips on choosing the right occupation
  • Ideal jobs for my temperament type
  • Famous people who share my temperament 

The report is detailed and thorough, but it mainly explains the core aspects of my temperament type (Rational Mastermind). While I learned several new pieces of information about my temperament, like how I notice inconsistencies in language and position, the report needed more career guidance and personalized feedback.

keirsey career results

The results show me what it means to be a Rational Mastermind, but this feels like it was tailored to my categorization rather than me as a person. For instance, my results say I don’t provide others with praise or direction, but I like to think I do. Nonetheless, I extracted several nuggets of wisdom that helped me realize how and where I work best. 

Relevance and Usability

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter offers valuable information for someone who wants a comprehensive assessment of their personality and what they’re like. The results were relevant to understanding how I work best, but the career matches could have been more helpful.

Only three of the 32 pages highlight my ideal career matches, and they don’t explain why they suit me. Most of them require education and degrees I don’t have, like engineering or science, and I’d rather not return to school for now. The report lists a brief 2-3 sentence job description, but otherwise, I can’t tell why I should work toward these fields or would enjoy them.

keirsey career choices

Post-Test Support and Resources

Each job recommendation also links to Career Builder, an online job search tool. Keirsey also offers several more reports, including for learning, leadership, romance, team dynamics, and more. These reports are based on the same assessment, so there’s no need to take a different test.

keirsey career resources

Do I Recommend Keirsey Temperament Sorter? 

I enjoyed reading about my temperament type and preferences, but the Keirsey Temperament Sorter should provide better career matches for $30. While it technically gave me career recommendations, they lacked depth and could apply to anyone in my personality group. 

Based on my experience, I recommend you try instead. For the same price, provides personalized career recommendations, including income potential, job satisfaction, and planning tips. It offers a comparable work personality analysis but with a better user interface, containing everything you need in one spot. 
Both assessments have advantages, but I think the career test on is the best value. But if you’re unhappy with your results, offers a satisfaction guarantee, unlike Keirsey.

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