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Best Scholarship Websites for Students in 2023

For many prospective college students, applying for scholarships is an integral part of the college application process. 

With tuition, textbooks, and room and board becoming increasingly expensive, scholarships provide much-needed funding opportunities for students who might otherwise not be able to afford higher education, or would have to rely on even larger student loans that could take decades to repay.

Read more and find out which are the best scholarship platforms that can actually help you achieve your college goals.

Scholarship Website Reviews

Our definitive reviews and ranking of the top 15 scholarship platforms.

chegg scholarships
sallie mae scholarships
peterson's scholarships
college express scholarships
niche scholarships

Best Online Tutoring Services

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Future Leaders Scholarship

The Future Leaders Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship that’s open to all students who have demonstrated a track record of leadership in or out of the classroom.

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