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Whether you’re searching for a new job or recently graduated college like me, you’ve probably had people recommend you take a career test at one point or another. That’s what brought me to Truity, with the curiosity to see if it would make a difference in my career pursuit.

To find out, I tried Truity’s career personality profiler and meticulously documented my experience, highlighting what I liked and didn’t, so you can better understand what to expect if you decide to take it. I’ll cover what I encountered before and during the test, how the assessment is structured, and what my results revealed. Ultimately, I’ll give my honest take and if I recommend you try it. 

Truity Career Test Overview 

Truity’s career personality profiler takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete and analyzes core workplace personality types. The test is free to take, but the full report costs $29 and includes career recommendations. Truity’s model is based on the Big Five and Holland Code scientific models, suggesting thorough research, credibility, and potential recommendations. So, was it worth it?  


  • Based on comprehensive scientific models
  • Easy-to-use and detailed report 
  • Full career profiles with relevant job information
  • Can download the report as a PDF


  • The advice is more generic than personalized 
  • Basic user interface
  • No dedicated customer support or clear availability

Bottom Line: Truity is a tried and true career test, but it lacks personalization and only has standard features. While it can provide valuable insights, I prefer using career tests with personalized feedback and interactive interfaces. For example, customizes results with modern AI, and they sent me incredible resources and suggested next steps after the test. 

Why Did I Try Truity’s Career Test? 

I tried a couple of career tests during my first-year seminar courses in college, but I never found them to offer much value or insight. Now that I’m a bit older with better writing and research skills, I wanted to see if other tests would equip me with valuable career guidance or leave me with the same feeling. After researching the best career tests, I came across Truity and gave it a try.

My Experience Taking the Truity Career Personality Profiler

Truity offers several personality assessments on its website, so I had to find the right one. The career personality profiler is on the homepage and menu bar, and after clicking, I was immediately brought to the assessment.

truity career test review

Registration and Preparation

I wasn’t prompted to complete a registration form or review preparation materials before taking the test. I didn’t even need to enter my name or email address at the beginning. Truity intentionally directs users to the test’s first page, so I just read the directions at the top and answered my questions honestly. I found it easy to get started with little confusion (other than ensuring I selected the correct test). 

Test Procedure and User Interface

The Truity career personality profiler took me about fifteen minutes to finish, but there isn’t a time limit. It covers 94 questions across five pages, answered from top to bottom. The test procedure is straightforward and doesn’t introduce surprises like advertisements, pop-ups, or paywalls. It doesn’t have other interactive elements like videos or pictures, but it’s still visually appealing and easy to use.

I couldn’t navigate to the next page unless I answered all of the questions, but I could go back and change my answers. The test is clearly focused on the questions and navigating users from start to finish. Nothing spectacular, but it does its job and has a clean, organized interface. 

Question Types and Clarity 

All of the questions utilize Likert scales, which gauge interests based on a numbered range indicating how the user feels. The career personality profiler’s questions cover dozens of ideas, job tasks, emotional responses, and personal preconceptions. For instance, I was asked to rate my interests or feelings towards: 

  • Building a new roof
  • Helping adults learn to read
  • Starting a new business 
  • Believing in the importance of arts
  • Getting chores done right away
trutity career test

I also rated how I perceive myself, such as if I consider myself reserved, talkative, or ambitious. I didn’t encounter any confusing questions, but some were more ambiguous and abstract, such as if I “ponder the greater meaning of things.” 

Since the purpose is to rate how I feel, it doesn’t matter if I actually know how to do or fully understand the topic it outlines, making it easy to respond with my instant reaction instead of deliberating a logical response. 

Privacy and Data Handling

Truity claims it does not sell user information (including email addresses) and has a zero-spam policy. I can confirm I haven’t gotten excessive promotional emails aside from the initial sign-up confirmation, and their privacy policy outlines the full extent of how they handle personal information. 

Customer Support

Besides an online support form on its website, Truity doesn’t appear to have a dedicated customer support team. They don’t have an email or phone number listed, but they have a full customer support FAQ section for immediate assistance. 

What Did My Results Reveal? 

After finishing Truity’s career test, I reviewed the basic report covering my work style, career interests, and a few career path recommendations. And after paying $29 for the full report, I got access to a lengthy 36-page expanded version, including 46 personalized career matches. Here are my impressions: 

Report Delivery

I received my results immediately after I paid. I initially reviewed the full report on Truity’s website, but I found it easier to download as a PDF. Truity doesn’t offer a physical copy, but I can print it out if needed. Truity also emailed me a link to access the webpage version of my results anytime I want, but I had to make an account to keep them beyond 90 days. 

Presentation and Depth

At 36 pages, the full Truity career personality profiler report goes into considerable detail. It covers how I think and solve problems, get motivated, communicate, contribute to a team, and several more aspects of my career personality type (persuasive idealist). This information is conveyed using graphs and descriptions, which are visually appealing and easy to understand.

truity job test review

The report also covers my career strengths and potential challenges, listed in bullet points, and my top career interests according to six categories. Based on my scores in each interest area, Truity provides a list of personalized career matches that align with my preferences.

 truity career personality test

Relevance and Usability

I found the results helpful and relevant to my career. While I’m happy with my current path as a writer and editor, learning about my career personality helped me better understand who I am and what I value in the workplace. 

Although I don’t fully understand the scientific models behind the test, I can gather what the results mean without outside explanation. Likewise, the format is set up nicely so that I can easily find what I want, whether career suggestions or information on a personality trait. 

Post-Test Support and Resources

Truity has expanded career overviews linked after each recommendation, covering pay, work schedules, education, and other relevant career factors. The report also gave me advice on how to choose the right career, but only some of it is personalized.

truity career personality test review

It considers what I need to focus on and my preferred tasks but also comes off a bit general and regurgitated. While the advice is helpful, I found it somewhat abstract and devoid of actionable tasks to explore for my career. 

Do I Recommend the Truity Career Personality Profiler to Others? 

For $29 and fifteen minutes, I found Truity’s career test a good value for the time and money. It gave me valuable career personality insights, job recommendations, and some additional resources and advice to consider. However, other career tests provide comparable results with better interfaces and career considerations, such as job satisfaction and income potential.

It’s helpful to leverage multiple sources of inspiration, and is the best career test based on my experience. It provides an overview of your career personality, comprehensive feedback, and the latest career data based on machine learning, which Truity doesn’t have. 
The results are personalized and tailored to each user, and it felt like mine were specifically made for me, not produced for the masses. And with better customer service and career transition assistance, offers more direct support. Truity isn’t a bad option, but I would use if I could only pick one career test.

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