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Making career decisions often feels like navigating a maze, and CareerHunter is one of several career tests that claims to help by offering personalized career matches. It’s one of the more expensive career tests at $80, so I signed up to see if the full report is worth it. I took all six assessments and meticulously recorded my experience, from registering to sifting through my results, to give you a firsthand look at the career test. I’ll cover what I learned and what came with the full report, helping you decide if CareerHunter is the right career test for you. 

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Our Review Methodology

We meticulously evaluate each career assessment tool to ensure our recommendations are trustworthy and reliable. Our assessment is independent and rigorous, focusing on the following key areas.

  • Alignment with Diverse Career Stages (20%)
  • Skill and Interest Analysis (10%)
  • Future Career Pathway Suggestions (10%)
  • Actionable Career Development Strategies (15%)
  • Market Relevance and Current Trends (10%)
  • Resources for Further Development (5%)
  • Ease of Use and Clarity (10%)
  • Personalized Feedback and Support (10%)
  • Scientific Validity and Reliability (5%)
  • Privacy and Data Security (5%)

We are committed to providing unbiased, thorough, and transparent reviews of career assessment services, turning your trust into actionable advice for your career journey.

CareerHunter Overview 

CareerHunter is a relatively new testing service established in 2017. It offers a series of self-assessments that analyze career interests, work personality, career motivators, and reasoning skills. After taking all six assessments, I received my top career matches along with recommended training courses. 


  • Comprehensive career test with multiple assessments
  • Detailed job analysis with relevant data
  • Innovative technology and user interface


  • It takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to finish the assessments
  • The full report doesn’t include a work personality analysis
  • One of the more expensive career tests

Bottom Line: CareerHunter provides over 500 pages worth of career matches in the full report, but other career tests include a work personality assessment at a fraction of the price and time investment.

Why Did I Try CareerHunter?

After graduating college, I knew I wanted to keep writing and researching as much as possible. While I’ve found a fulfilling career as a writer and editor, it never hurts to look for inspiration, even if only to confirm my decision. After comparing the best career tests, I came across CareerHunter and browsed its website. Its user interface and comprehensive test-taking approach impressed me, so I signed up and took the tests. 

My Experience Taking CareerHunter’s Career Test

Before taking the tests, I had the option to try some for free or pay to get full access. I opted for the latter and paid $80, allowing me to take all six. Here’s what happened: 

Registration and Preparation

On top of the usual registration details like name and credit card information, I had to indicate my age group, gender, career level, and education. It was easy to complete the registration process, and I encountered no difficulties. CareerHunter provides a brief step-by-step preparation guide on its How It Works page and lists directions before each assessment, making it easy to understand the test procedure. 

The last three reasoning-based assessments also included a few example questions. These helped me understand what questions to expect and whether I wanted to save the test for another time, which was helpful considering they took up to 30 minutes each. 

Test Procedure and User Interface

While I could access my full report after taking the first assessment, CareerHunter recommends taking all six to get the most accurate results. Here’s what they involve:

  1. Career Interests: 27 questions, 15 minutes, and no time limit. 
  2. Work Personality: 32 questions, 20 minutes, and no time limit. 
  3. Career Motivators: 30 questions, 20 minutes, and no time limit. 
  4. Abstract Reasoning: 20 questions with a 10-minute time limit. 
  5. Numerical Reasoning: 30 questions with a 30-minute time limit.
  6. Verbal Reasoning: 40 questions with a 30-minute time limit. 

I finished the assessments in about two hours and found the user interface easy to navigate. My dashboard kept track of my progress and gave me clear directions, including practice questions for some of the sections. I was also able to change my answers and revisit questions.

careerhunter career test

I didn’t encounter any technical difficulties and liked the user interface, but I recommend setting aside ample time to complete all six tests (or consider breaking them up). 

Question Types and Clarity 

The first three tests asked me to rank five statements from most to least important. It was easy to move the statements around and come up with quick answers, but a few required more deliberation, depending on how many I favored.

careerhunter career interest test

The last three reasoning tests required more advanced skills involving logic, math, and reading comprehension. I had to select the correct image to complete a pattern, read and interpret graphs/charts, and analyze various summaries. All the questions were multiple choice, usually with four to five possible options. I was also allowed to use a calculator.

careerhunter numerical reasoning test
careerhunter verbal reasoning test
careerhunter abstract reasoning test

The second half of CareerHunter felt more like a standardized test than a career test. In addition to the time limit and required reasoning skills, I got a grade at the end of each test, including how I compared to other test takers. Some of the questions were difficult since I haven’t practiced in years, particularly for math (which I despise). 

Privacy and Data Handling

CareerHunter’s privacy policy says the company doesn’t sell or trade personal data to third parties but may share it for performance reasons. It also mentions that users can decide how much contact or personal information they want to provide. 

Customer Support

CareerHunter provides its customer service working hours, contact information, and office address on the contact page at the bottom right of its website. The page has a contact form but doesn’t indicate how long it takes to get a response. CareerHunter also has an FAQ page for common inquiries and concerns. 

What Did My Results Reveal?

After two hours of taking the tests, I accessed the full report and reviewed the results. Here’s what I found: 

Report Delivery

I can view how I scored on each individual assessment on CareerHunter, but the full report is a downloadable PDF. Since I paid at the beginning, I could access the report immediately after I finished.

careerhunter report

Presentation and Depth

My CareerHunter report is over 500 pages and includes my top career recommendations. The first few pages explain how to read the report, but most of it outlines my careers and how I match based on my test scores. CareerHunter also provides the following for each career:

  • A job description
  • Ideal skills and qualities
  • Job outlook
  • Career progression
  • Working hours and environment
  • Salary information
  • Qualifications and training 

Relevance and Usability

I thought the career recommendations were relevant and similar to what I would’ve guessed, but I only received a portion of what other tests provide. CareerHunter gave me hundreds of personalized career matches, but the full report doesn’t cover my work personality or provide specific advice to consider for my career search.

careerhunter career report

It’s helpful to visualize how I match with each career based on my skill sets, but I don’t need hundreds of choices to consider; I’d rather see my top ten or twenty and learn about them in detail. 

I came to learn about which careers I should consider and why they’re suitable matches for me, which I’d say I accomplished. But considering other tests provide equally relevant career matches for less money, CareerHunter should come with more personalized and usable information for $80. 

Post-Test Support and Resources

CareerHunter provided me with a list of personalized career courses through various organizations, schools, and affiliates. Most of them are paid training courses that last between 2-6 weeks and match my assessment scores and career interests. They seem helpful, but I can’t determine how much is sponsored and what I would gain from taking one.

careerhunter resources

Do I Recommend CareerHunter? 

CareerHunter is one of the most intuitive career tests I’ve used, but it’s expensive and offers limited features compared to the best career tests, notably For only $29.90, provides personalized career matches like CareerHunter as well as a full work personality assessment, actionable feedback, and real-time career data. 

I only needed about 20 minutes to finish the career test on (compared to two hours on CareerHunter). Still, I received relevant results with more usable information, including income potential, job satisfaction, and career advancement. 
While you should consider multiple sources of inspiration throughout your career search, I recommend using for the best experience and overall value. Whether you’re looking for your first career or want to make a change, has the right career test to get you started.

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