Review (50/100) describes itself as the “largest collection of student scholarships on the web.” Regardless of whether this is true or not (the total funding amount isn’t mentioned anywhere), it is not a particularly easy platform to use. was founded in 2003, and the website does not appear to be nearly as modern or functional as many of its competitors, nor does it offer a particularly positive user experience. 

There are numerous ads and sponsored listings on, which can be quite distracting and makes it difficult to focus on genuine opportunities. Even searching the site for scholarships inevitably involves seeing unwelcome sponsored results at the top of the list, and many of the links on the homepage redirect site visitors to unrelated webpages. does contain some useful articles and videos about various majors and careers, although many of these are fairly dated. 

One of the website’s most useful features is that visitors can immediately view the most recently added scholarships on the homepage, and these appear to be updated quite frequently. However, doesn’t seem to have a scholarship directory or category-based lists that can be accessed without registering and creating a profile, nor do there appear to be any unique funding opportunities.

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