Learner Tutors Review: Is Online Math Tutoring Worth It?

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Over the past few years, a rapidly increasing number of families have discovered the value of online tutoring. Many high school students who come to us seeking scholarship opportunities have worked with an online tutor to improve their grades, test scores, subject knowledge, and confidence. 

Although there are plenty of excellent tutoring options to choose from, Learner is an online tutoring platform that is increasingly on our radar. 

We were curious about Learner’s approach to math tutoring, so we got in touch with some of Learner’s former and current clients to hear their experiences and decide whether Learner is worth recommending to other families looking for math help. In this Learner tutor review, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the virtual company, their online tutoring services and math experts, and what parents are saying, and then we’ll share our verdict.

What Is Learner?


Learner is a leading online tutoring platform that caters to high school and college students looking for high-quality math instruction to augment school coursework and prepare for standardized tests. 

The service does offer some tutoring in English and Language Arts and plenty of options for middle school and elementary math, but its main focus is upper-level math, including SAT and ACT prep. 

All tutoring takes place online using Learner’s easy-to-use virtual classroom, so students can meet with their instructors from anywhere they have internet connectivity. This is incredibly convenient for busy families and dramatically expands the pool of available tutors. 

Parents receive regular feedback and updates, and students can access session recordings to help them review the material later.

Learner tutors are all highly qualified with years of tutoring experience and offer each student customized lesson plans appropriate for their grade level, academic goals, and learning style

In the Learner program, students can work with a Learner private math tutor in small group classes or choose one-on-one instruction. In either case, the company uses a proprietary matching system to ensure each student is placed with a tutor who has the right expertise, personality, and teaching style for their needs. For the most part, Learner’s tutoring programs are designed for long-term instruction, not one-off sessions for math homework assistance.

Regarding pricing, Learner advertises and delivers world-class instruction from math tutors with prestigious educational pedigrees and a track record of student success. As such, it’s on the more expensive end of online tutoring platforms, though it’s certainly not the most expensive.

Learner Online Math Tutoring at a Glance

We’ve compiled some quick facts about this virtual tutoring company and our overall bottom line.


  • Highly educated and experienced math tutors
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Online classroom that’s accessible on nearly all devices
  • Feedback provided after each session
  • Tutor-matching process gives students the best educational experience
  • Tailored lesson plans based on each student’s goals, level, and learning style


  • Prices are not listed on the website; you must go through the initial consultation to get a quote
  • Fewer options for elementary and middle school students
  • No mobile app

Cost Breakdown

Learner tutors set their rates based on their qualifications and experience, so prices can vary. The specific cost will also depend on the setup of each student’s tutoring plan.

The price for tutoring services from Learner usually starts at around $60 to $80 per hour, making it more expensive than some online math tutor “marketplaces” and homework-help websites, but a far greater value than other tutoring platforms given the one-on-one, personalized value.

The Bottom Line: Overall, we highly recommend Learner for high school and college students who are looking for in-depth, customized math instruction from highly qualified and experienced online tutors.

What Subjects Do Learner Tutors Cover?

Learner specializes in math instruction, and tutors teach a wide range of math topics for high school and college students:

Students who are following a specialized curriculum, such as IB Math or Integrated Math, can also get customized instruction from a Learner tutor. 

Learner offers tutoring in other subjects, including test preparation for standardized exams like the SAT and ACT. Students can also hire an online tutor to help with English language arts and some science subjects. 

While the company primarily focuses on teaching high school and college students, instructors for elementary and middle school students are also available.

Getting Started with Learner: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learner’s methodology centers on improving each student’s understanding of the subject and performance in math class. As such, students are paired with a tutor who will work with them over several weeks or months. The process is fairly straightforward.

Step 1: Take the Online Pre-Screening Quiz

The pre-screening quiz allows you to answer questions about your tutoring needs. The questions are designed to inform the Learner team about the student’s background and unique educational goals.

Step 2: Live Consultation with Learner’s Academic Advisor

Once you submit the quiz, you can schedule a phone call with Learner’s Academic Advisor. During this live consultation, you can discuss learning goals and get more information about how tutoring works.

Step 3: Get Matched with a Math Tutor

Learner uses a proprietary matching process to choose the best tutor for each student based on their academic level, educational goals, and learning style. Once you or your child is matched with a tutor, you can schedule your first tutoring session, which is completely free of charge.

Step 4: Schedule Your First Tutoring Session 

The first tutoring session is the perfect opportunity to make sure the service and instructor are right for you. You can experience Learner’s online instruction platform and make sure the tutor’s teaching style is compatible. If you aren’t satisfied with the first session, you can request a new tutor for free.

Is Learner Tutoring Effective? What Customers Are Saying

right match

Many experts agree on the benefits of private instruction for high school students, and Learner’s tutors are all high-caliber educators. Here are a few examples of reviews from satisfied clients:

  • “My performance (in) math has increased substantially with the help of my amazing tutor. He knows exactly what he’s talking about and will make sure the message gets across so that you’re actually learning.” – Joey
  • “From start to finish, our experience with Learner has been amazing. Onboarding was seamless, and the customer engagement team was friendly and listened well.” – Alisha
  • “John is an exceptional teacher who will have the patience to make sure that his student understands the concepts before they get to solving the problems.” – Sharad
  • “Setup was simple, and now my daughter has weekly sessions with someone who helps her feel supported and strong in math.” – Sarah

How Does Learner’s Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

satisfaction guaranteed

Learner offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The first tutoring session is heavily discounted, so you can use the time to make sure the online platform and the tutor are a good fit for you. If not, simply contact the customer service team. They will work with you to find a better fit for your needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Learner Online Math Tutoring

Every student is different, so it’s important to find a tutoring solution that fits your student’s unique needs. However, online math tutoring offers numerous benefits for a wide range of students of all ages.

1. Tutoring for Individuals and Small Groups

Learner mainly offers one-on-one tutoring that allows a student to receive individualized instruction from the same tutor over several weeks or months. This type of private instruction allows the student to work at their own pace, ask questions, and receive customized assistance in areas where they need it. 

Students can also request small-group instruction, which is less expensive than private tutoring. This environment still provides in-depth education, and it may be a better choice for students who feel intimidated or uncomfortable at the thought of one-on-one tutoring.

2. Help with SAT/ACT Test Prep

While Learner’s primary tutoring services center on high school and college math courses, the company also has instructors who specialize in test prep for the SAT and ACT. Students who want to boost their math knowledge to improve their test scores can benefit from working with an instructor who can pair math instruction with test-taking tips.

3. Tutor Matching with an Academic Advisor

Unlike some tutoring platforms, students don’t pick their Learner tutor based on a picture and brief online profile. Rather, the company matches each student with the best available tutor based on the information provided in the online quiz and phone consultation. 

Students can request a different tutor if necessary, but reviews indicate that the company’s matching process is very effective at assigning the right instructor.

4. Virtual Classroom and Flexible Scheduling

innovative learning environment

Tutoring sessions take place via Learner’s online platform, which is available on most devices. This system seems to work well for students who want the flexibility to learn in a comfortable and familiar environment. 

The virtual platform is extremely interactive, so students can talk with their tutors and collaborate to solve sample problems. Each session is recorded and available at any time, so students can review the material during their own study time.

5. Helpful and Responsive Customer Service Team

Learner advertises “white glove” service, and the company delivers on this promise. While we would like an online chat option on the website, it’s easy to reach the customer service team over the phone or through the online contact form.

Why We Recommend Learner for Online Math Tutoring

Based on the feedback of dozens of satisfied families, we feel confident recommending Learner as one of the best online tutoring services for high school and college students who want help with math. 

The company has a rigorous hiring process that selects only the most qualified educators, and there is a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, students are always given an individual tutoring plan based entirely on their academic needs and objectives, which can be adapted as needed as they make progress with the help of their tutor.

Although Learner tutors charge more than some online math tutors (who are unlikely to have the same stellar qualifications), Learner online tutoring is a great investment for students who want to gain a thorough understanding of key math concepts and build their confidence in the subject. 

Learner’s personalized instruction helps students of all ages improve their math grades and standardized test scores and frequently leads them to greater enjoyment of math.

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