What Should I Include in my College Scholarship Application?

When you are completing a college scholarship application, it’s a good idea to take your time. Go through the materials you are given to make sure you understand what information you need to provide to be considered for the college or university scholarship. Each one will have different requirements, and you want to make sure that you fulfill all of them. Failure to do so may result in your college scholarship application being discarded without being considered.

It may be tempting to include extra information that has not been requested to show the scholarship committee that you are a deserving candidate for this type of financial assistance. Unfortunately, this tactic can backfire on you. On a college scholarship application, it makes you look like someone who either can’t follow instructions or who doesn’t have a good eye for detail. Neither one makes a good impression.

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If the scholarship you are applying for is based on financial need, you will need to provide a statement indicating that there is a gap between your resources and the cost of your education on the college scholarship application. The scholarship committee also wants to get an idea of what kind of person you are, and you will be asked to provide information about your extracurricular activities and community service as part of the process. If you have been recognized for an outstanding achievement, you can include this information with your application.

If you are asked to provide a personal statement as part of your college scholarship application, take it as an opportunity to tell the scholarship committee about yourself. You may want to pretend that you are speaking to someone in the room and write it accordingly. Explain what being awarded the scholarship funds would mean to you, and why you chose to major in a particular subject. Set out how reaching your educational goals will affect your future career plans.

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Since your academic history is considered as part of the college scholarship application process, you will need to include your official transcripts with the materials you submit. Letters of recommendation may also be submitted with your college scholarship application. Be sure to read the instructions carefully to find out whether you need to submit a letter discussing your academic achievements or community involvement. Teachers, professors, or employers are all good choices to provide this information to the scholarship committee members considering your application.

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