What is a Marine ROTC Scholarship?

A United States Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program is an armed forces program through which individuals can earn college degrees and train to become officers. A person who is interested in an ROTC program and prefers the United States Marine Corps to other armed forces branches may be eligible to receive a Marine ROTC scholarship and become a Marine Corps officer. In such a case, the student may attend one of the eligible ROTC colleges and universities and receive a scholarship that often covers his tuition and fees. A student who receives a Marine ROTC scholarship would usually receive money to pay for textbooks as well. Additionally, those who receive this scholarship typically receive a monthly stipend.

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It’s important to note that there is no official Marine Corps ROTC program. Instead, individuals who want to enroll in the program and receive the Marine ROTC scholarship actually have to enroll in the United States Navy ROTC. The Navy ROTC provides an option for individuals who want to join the Marines rather than the Navy, however. After completing a required period in the Navy ROTC program, an enrolled individual has the opportunity to switch to the Marine option. Once a person in this program graduates, he is typically commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

An individual who accepts a Marine ROTC scholarship enrolls in and attends college along with other students who are not involved in the program. He typically takes the normally required classes to earn a degree, but also takes Naval science classes. An individual who is enrolled in the Navy ROTC will usually spend some of his summers learning about leadership and ethics; summer learning also covers Marine and Naval missions and includes training. Then, during the Marine ROTC scholarship receiver’s third summer in the program, he usually attends Officer Candidate School.

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An individual who wants to earn a Marine ROTC scholarship typically has to earn good grades and perform well on college entrance exams. This is important because a person may be accepted into an ROTC program but not receive a scholarship. Scholarships are often given to the students who are most likely to succeed. Additionally, a Marine ROTC scholarship candidate has to meet the requirements for entering the ROTC program, including having United States citizenship; earning a high school diploma or its equivalent; and gaining acceptance to an approved school. There are minimum and maximum age requirements as well.

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