Wyzant vs. Varsity Tutors: Discover the Leading Tutor Service of 2024

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Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and Learner are all well-known tutoring companies offering a wide range of education services for students of all ages. By giving students access to tutors who fulfill their academic needs, these platforms help students develop their subject knowledge, fine-tune their learning process, improve their grades, and increase their confidence and self-esteem

This article will discuss the key features and services offered by Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and Learner and compare the pros and cons of each tutoring company. We’ll also discuss why you should consider online tutoring and provide insight into which learning platform has the most experienced private tutors, offers the best value, and is the most convenient.

Our research pointed us to these overall assessments, which we’ll dive more into later:

Quick Facts

BrandWyzantVarsity TutorsLearner
Product QualityAlthough customers dislike the site’s service fee, the professionalism and extensive knowledge base of Wyzant tutors are impressive.Well-qualified tutors are available for long- or short-term tutoring across hundreds of subjects and grade levels, though students can’t choose their own tutor.Learner customers praise the company’s highly experienced online math tutors, who excel at customizing tutoring plans to suit each student’s needs.
Academic ResultsStudents who use Wyzant generally have positive feedback about the experience. They praise the quality of the tutors and their guidance in helping students understand the subject matter.Many students praise Varsity Tutors because the instructors are well-prepared and meet the individual needs of the students, assisting them to master the concepts they find challenging.Learner students often see improved academic results within two weeks of starting the program. By working with the same tutor each week, they quickly gain confidence in their abilities.
DeliveryIn-person and onlinePrimarily online, though some in-person tutoring options are availableOnline
PricingThe average cost is around $35 per hour, though pricing varies widely depending on the tutor.Approximately $45 – $70 per hour (somewhat complicated pricing structure)After a $25 risk-free initial session, hourly rates range from approximately $65 to $90 per hour.
SupportExperienced tutors from across the country are available to help with a variety of courses and subjects.Students can record sessions to be viewed later. Tutors cover a very wide range of academic subjects.Tutors focus on the student’s individual learning plan. They provide feedback and lesson recordings after every session and can chat with parents when needed about student progress.
  • Tutors are qualified and held to high standards.
  • Wyzant offers both in-person and online tutoring services.
  • A wide selection of tutors is available for various subjects.
  • Wyzant’s online tutoring tools are simple but effective.
  • In many locations, excellent tutors are available in the student’s immediate geographic area.
  • Creating a Wyzant account is free. Wyzant has a “pay-as-you-go” structure and a pre-purchase package option.

Bottom Line: Wyzant connects students to tutors for either in-person or online tutoring in various subjects. Students can browse profiles and choose a tutor who is paid by the hour.

  • With Varsity Tutors’ “Better Score Guarantee” policy, students can claim a full refund if their test scores don’t improve.
  • Students can easily communicate and collaborate with tutors online.
  • Varsity Tutors covers an extensive range of academic and professional subjects.
  • Students can record lectures and have 24/7 access to past lessons.
  • Varsity Tutors’ flexible scheduling promotes independent learning.

Bottom Line: Varsity Tutors offers tutoring services in various subjects with flexible online lesson scheduling. Although the prices are higher than some of their competitors, and there is no option to choose your tutor, Varsity Tutors can usually meet the needs of learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Why You Should Consider Online Tutoring

It may be a relatively new concept, but online tutoring has quickly become a popular alternative to in-person tutoring. Virtual tutoring services offer a wide range of benefits that traditional tutoring arrangements can’t match. Online tutoring gives students immediate access to some of the top educators in the country without the complicated logistics of traveling to learning centers or fitting sessions into a narrow window of availability.

The results of online tutoring are typically comparable to (or better than) traditional in-person tutoring, with the added perks of flexibility, useful e-learning tools, and recorded sessions. 

Unlike the services offered by many in-person tutors, online tutoring is usually one-on-one, so the student works with the same teacher every time. This helps students feel more comfortable working with their tutor and helps tutors understand how their students learn best. Thus, tutors can find the most effective ways to boost students’ math skills and subject knowledge, as well as their overall confidence.

Innovative tutoring platforms like Learner are raising the bar for online tutoring by matching students with some of the top tutors and educators in their fields. Learner’s secure online learning platform lets students and tutors interact in real-time. Students can complete assignments, develop a solid grasp of the material, and raise their test scores—all from the comfort of home.

Wyzant Overview

Wyzant strives to create an efficient and satisfactory experience for students and parents. This popular service has a good reputation among its customers, who feel that they usually get high-quality service from their tutors.

Wyzant Overview

What Is Wyzant? 

Founded in 2015, Wyzant is a tutoring “marketplace” that helps students and parents find a tutor online. Covering over 300 subjects with more than 65,000 instructors, Wyzant tutors conduct over a million lessons every year, both online and in-person. Prospective customers can browse tutor profiles on the Wyzant website to make their pick. 


  • Tutors are qualified and held to high standards. 
  • Wyzant offers both in-person and online tutoring services.
  • A wide selection of tutors is available for various subjects.
  • Wyzant’s online tutoring tools are simple but effective.
  • In many locations, excellent tutors are available in the student’s immediate geographic area.
  • Creating a Wyzant account is free. Wyzant has a “pay-as-you-go” structure and a pre-purchase package option.


  • The hourly pricing structure can be costly, and there is a 9% service fee.
  • Tutoring is only accessible to students based in the United States and fluent in English.
  • Lesson scheduling depends on the tutor’s availability, leading to potential scheduling conflicts.

The Bottom Line: Wyzant connects students to tutors for either in-person or online tutoring in various subjects. Students can browse profiles and choose a tutor who is paid by the hour.

How Does Wyzant Work? 

Wyzant follows a pay-as-you-go structure that allows the tutors to set session prices. Wyzant is easy to navigate; prospective customers simply provide information about the subject and level of their tutoring needs, their time zone, and their requested time slots. They will then receive a list of professional tutors who match the criteria. If the client determines that a tutor seems experienced and is worth messaging, they can book a lesson.

How Much Does Wyzant Tutoring Cost? 

The average cost of a Wyzant tutor is $35 per hour, but as tutors set their own rates, this can vary significantly. They typically charge between $25 and $60 per hour. On top of the hourly rate, students have to pay a 9% service fee. 

Wyzant offers a “good-fit guarantee,” which states that if students aren’t satisfied with the tutor they’ve chosen after the first few hours, they can discontinue their studies and get a full refund for those hours and the service fee. This guarantee means there’s no risk for the initial session with a Wyzant tutor.

Is Wyzant Legit?

Wyzant is a legitimate online tutoring marketplace that has connected thousands of students with quality tutors, both online and in their local area. The website also offers free tips and resources and encourages customers to ask questions about the site or education strategies in general. 

What Are Customers Saying About Wyzant? 

Most parents and students who use Wyzant have primarily positive feedback. Customer reviews tend to praise the quality of Wyzant’s tutors and the reliability of their results. Overall, parents and students feel that Wyzant tutors provide students with the support they need to master even the most complex math topics, even in challenging subjects like trigonometry or calculus.

Although customers are pleased with the good-fit guarantee, the 9% service charge is not popular. Another common complaint from customers is that the tutors they want to work with are not always available at convenient times for busy families.

Varsity Tutors Overview

Varsity Tutors is a tutoring service built on the experiences of founder and CEO Chuck Cohn. Recalling how he significantly boosted his grades with tutoring help, Cohn created Varsity Tutors to connect highly educated experts with students who could benefit from a more individualized learning experience than what they receive in school.

Varsity Tutors

What Is Varsity Tutors? 

Varsity Tutors hires North American graduates and teachers to tutor learners of all ages, from middle school and high school students to college students and mid-career professionals. The Varsity Tutors network includes over 40,000 trusted experts whose expertise covers around 3,000 academic and professional subjects. 

Varsity Tutors operates via the live online learning platform Nerdy, which uses technology, artificial intelligence, and social media networks to facilitate high-quality learning. Varsity Tutors strives to deliver a personalized experience designed to suit the unique needs of each student, regardless of their level or the subject matter. 

This tutoring company has a good reputation in the industry, especially for the way it treats its customers.


  • With Varsity Tutors’ “Better Score Guarantee” policy, students can claim a full refund if their test scores don’t improve.
  • Students can easily communicate and collaborate with tutors online.
  • Varsity Tutors covers an extensive range of academic and professional subjects.
  • Students can record lectures and have 24/7 access to past lessons.
  • Varsity Tutors’ flexible scheduling promotes independent learning.


  • Some tutors have higher hourly rates than many of their competitors.
  • Students are assigned a tutor based on their learning profile (without additional input) and don’t have the option to choose their tutor.
  • Finding accurate prices for tutors is not always easy, and published rates are sometimes out of date.
  • In-person tutoring options are very limited.

The Bottom Line: Varsity Tutors offers tutoring services in various subjects with flexible online lesson scheduling. Although the prices are higher than some of their competitors, and there is no option to choose your tutor, Varsity Tutors can usually meet the needs of learners of all ages and backgrounds.

How Does Varsity Tutors Work?

Since Varsity Tutors doesn’t allow students to pick their own tutor, the site operates on a call system. A prospective student calls Varsity Tutors through their company phone number and explains their tutoring needs. Whether it’s homework for a specific subject, revision for an upcoming exam, or standardized test preparation, Varsity Tutors will select a tutor that meets the student’s needs. 

The tutor will be notified of their new pupil and will contact them to set up a time to meet virtually through Varsity Tutors’ Live Learning Program.

How Much Does Varsity Tutors Tutoring Cost?

It can be difficult to determine how much an academic tutoring session with Varsity Tutors will cost. Some customers have reported that sessions range from $70 to $95 per hour, while others note that sessions start at $45 an hour, depending on the tutor’s experience and reputation. 

Rates can vary based on location and session timing. Small-group tutoring sessions also seem to be less expensive, as the participants can share the lesson cost. 

Is Varsity Tutors Legit?

Varsity Tutors is a well-established company licensed and registered in the United States. It has a 4.58 rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which states that these accreditations mean that the company is “committed to [making] a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.” 

Varsity Tutors hires qualified professional tutors with relevant degrees and a significant amount of tutoring experience, which further lends to its credibility.

What Are Customers Saying About Varsity Tutors?

Based on reviews from sites like Trustpilot, Varsity Tutors is popular with many families who have used the service. Customers say Varsity Tutors employs well-prepared tutors who meet students’ individual needs with a comprehensive academic and professional knowledge base and flexible tutoring styles. 

However, some customers have expressed frustration with the unclear pricing structure, which tends to be higher than the average price of comparable online tutoring services.

Learner Overview

Learner Overview

In recent years, Learner has become one of the most popular online tutoring platforms, especially among students hoping to improve their math skills. As this platform is entirely online, students can work with outstanding Learner tutors regardless of their location. 

Learner tutors are highly qualified subject specialists with years of relevant experience, resulting in many satisfied customers who praise the quality of instruction and the individualized approach to each student’s needs.

What Is Learner? 

Learner specializes in math tutoring for students of all ages, ranging from elementary school to college. Adult learners are also welcome. Learner tutors can also assist with SAT/ACT Math test prep and subjects such as English, chemistry, and physics.

Learner is an online-only platform, so students have access to some of the best tutors in the country, even if they live hundreds of miles apart. Learner’s virtual learning environment is easy to access on any device, allowing students to connect with top tutors from the comfort of home. 

Students are matched with a tutor before beginning the program, ensuring they work with a subject expert with the ideal personality, teaching approach, and experience. The tutor will create a learning plan based on each student’s specific needs, considering their unique learning style and academic goals. 


  • Students are matched with an experienced tutor who is a subject expert. They will work with the same tutor in every session.
  • Learner offers tutoring in all math courses, test prep, Language Arts, science, and more. Students receive an individualized tutoring plan tailored to their goals.
  • Learner tutors are carefully vetted to ensure they have outstanding qualifications and relevant experience.
  • The distraction-free virtual learning environment encourages collaboration, communication, and feedback—all from the comfort of home.
  • Online tutoring sessions can be scheduled at convenient times, including before school, in the evening, and on weekends.


  • It can be difficult to determine pricing before signing up for an initial session (though the first session is always $25).
  • Not all students thrive in an online environment; some prefer to meet with their tutor at a learning center, surrounded by other students.

The Bottom Line: Learner connects students with some of the top math tutors in the country via an easy-to-use online tutoring platform. Students typically start to see improvement within a few weeks of working with their tutor, who carefully designs a tutoring plan around their needs.

How Does Learner Work? 

A student’s tutoring journey with Learner begins when they are matched with a subject expert who is the best tutor for their unique learning style. Learner has a detailed questionnaire that pairs families with the most suitable tutor, though Learner’s education specialist can also help ensure that the matched tutor is the ideal fit.

how does learner works

The first session with a Learner tutor is always discounted to $25, giving families the opportunity to decide whether the tutor is right for the student and ensuring they are happy with the program. 

One of the most important elements of Learner’s tutoring system is that each student receives a learning plan designed around their academic goals that considers factors such as age, ability, subject knowledge, confidence, and learning style. 

As students meet with the same tutor each time, they gradually develop a strong and positive working relationship. Students can collaborate on homework with their tutor, prepare for tests, practice new skills, and work on challenging extension tasks to further their understanding. 

Sessions take place via Learner’s online platform and can be scheduled at the client’s convenience, including on weekends and before and after school. The virtual learning environment makes it easy for tutors and students to communicate via video chat, work on tasks together, and share lesson recordings. Parents can also access these recordings and view feedback, comments, and targets.

How Much Does Learner Cost? 

Like most tutoring platforms, Learner’s pricing structure largely depends on the tutor. Each tutor can set their own rate based on their qualifications, experience, and the subject and level being taught. 

Tutoring rates tend to range from $60 to $95 per session, though all families receive a no-risk first session for $25 to ensure the program and the assigned tutor are a good fit for the student. 

Learner’s education specialists can also work with families to ensure that the tutoring program’s frequency and number of sessions are suitable for their budget.

Is Learner Legit?

Yes. Learner is a legitimate tutoring platform that hires experienced and highly qualified tutors with degrees from top colleges and universities. All Learner tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, and many have master’s degrees and additional qualifications. 

To pass Learner’s vetting process, prospective tutors must demonstrate that they have successfully guided former students to success in their math classes or on exams. 

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so families can be certain that they will be paired with a tutor whose teaching approach is a great fit for their child.

What Are Customers Saying About Learner? 

Overall, online reviews of Learner are very positive, with many families praising the tutors’ quality, professionalism, and friendliness. Just as Learner promises, many parents have noticed a rapid improvement in their child’s math grades and willingness to attempt challenging problems. 

Working with a Learner tutor has helped many children overcome a fear or dislike of math.

Families were largely impressed with Learner’s virtual learning experience, which they say worked well across multiple devices and was intuitive to access and use, even for those new to online tutoring. 

The tutor-matching process is another well-liked feature, with customers reporting that it successfully pairs students with an instructor with significant experience relating to their subject, course, and grade level. 

Although some families expressed frustration that Learner’s pricing structure wasn’t immediately clear from the website, they were pleased with the discounted first session and the helpfulness of Learner’s education specialist and customer service team in setting up a workable tutoring program to fit their schedule and budget.

Wyzant vs. Varsity Tutors vs. Learner – Similarities

Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and Learner are well-respected platforms that offer online tutoring (though Wyzant also focuses on in-person learning). According to their customer reviews, all three companies provide students with experienced tutors who offer tutoring services for various subjects and grade levels (though the process of finding a tutor is different for each service).

All three platforms thoroughly vet their tutors and offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure customers are happy with their tutoring experience. 

The pricing structure for Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and Learner is based on hourly rates, which may depend on the tutor’s experience, the student’s grade level, and the subject being taught.

Wyzant vs. Varsity Tutors vs. Learner – Differences

One of the most significant differences between Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and Learner is the structure of each program. Wyzant is a tutoring marketplace that provides access to independent tutors, either online or in person. 

On the other hand, Learner and Varsity Tutors are online services that provide a matching service to pair students with suitable tutors. 

Notably, Learner has a detailed tutor-matching process that ensures students work with the ideal tutor for their subject, level, personality, learning style, and academic goals. This means that, unlike many other tutoring services, students are guaranteed to work with the same tutor week in and week out, so they can expect the same approach at every session and make progress on their personalized tutoring plan.

Wyzant connects students with tutors for either online or in-person tutoring, and Varsity Tutors is primarily an online service, though some in-person tutoring is available. Learner is entirely online and uses a purpose-built virtual learning platform.

Another significant difference is the pricing structure for each platform. Wyzant has a pay-as-you-go model and charges a 9% service fee, whereas Learner and Varsity Tutors have no additional costs beyond the hourly rates for their tutoring sessions. Learner customers are invited to work with the company’s education specialist to arrange the number of sessions in their tutoring package, though this can be altered or extended as needed.

Wyzant vs. Varsity Tutors vs. Learner: Which Is Best? 

Wyzant and Varsity Tutors are both highly-regarded tutoring programs that will provide your child with a qualified and experienced tutor. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses worth considering when deciding which program is best.

Out of these two options, some families may prefer Wyzant because it offers customers access to thousands of tutoring profiles and allows them to choose a tutor themselves. However, this can be time-consuming and doesn’t necessarily ensure that the tutor will be a good fit for the student. 

Varsity Tutors covers a broader range of academic subjects and offers flexible hours and tutoring programs. Still, it doesn’t have as many tutors as Wyzant, nor does it give customers the same level of choice. Varsity Tutors assigns a tutor to the student based on a short telephone consultation.

For families concerned about having control over their choice of tutor, Wyzant is the better option. Varsity Tutors, on the other hand, is better for families who want to be matched with a tutor and have access to help with a wider range of academic subjects.
However, although you will likely have a positive tutoring experience with either Wyzant or Varsity Tutors, Learner is undoubtedly our top choice for math tutoring, as we’ll discuss below.

Why Learner Is Our Top Choice

Why Learner

Learner is a fully online platform that custom-matches students with some of the nation’s most experienced math tutors and subject specialists. In addition to expecting impeccable professional qualifications, Learner uses a proprietary screening process to ensure its tutors are skilled educators who can adapt their lessons to the student’s unique educational profile. 

Learner employs experienced education specialists to match students with the ideal tutor for their academic needs and learning style. Rather than reading through hundreds of profiles, customers discuss their learning objectives with an education specialist. This specialist will determine which expert tutor has the most relevant background and expertise to help the student achieve the best possible outcome. 

Unlike tutoring marketplaces like Wyzant, which don’t employ tutors directly, Learner is a tutoring service that only accepts the best educators and holds them to a rigorous vetting process. 

Learner is known for its cutting-edge virtual learning platform. All lessons take place online, so students only need an internet connection to access high-quality tutoring that fits their schedule, wherever they happen to live. Learner’s platform provides collaborative tools, recorded sessions, and the ability to work with the tutor on schoolwork and other assignments. 

One of the main reasons we recommend Learner is that students will receive a fully customized learning plan from the very outset of their tutoring journey. 

In addition to a discounted initial session, Learner offers a satisfaction guarantee that allows students to switch tutors if they aren’t entirely satisfied with their learning experience. Students typically see improved grades by the second week of tutoring, which indicates how valuable each session with a Learner tutor is.

A common theme in Learner’s reviews is that tutors help their students learn by adjusting their teaching methods, whether that means taking a more hands-on approach, allowing the student to solve the problem on their own, or breaking down the learning process into manageable steps. 

Although many students come to Learner hoping to earn better grades and improve their test scores, Learner tutors offer more than just a “quick fix.” They can provide long-term support so that students continue to succeed academically in future classes. 

Learner tutors help build students’ confidence and equip them to tackle new and challenging topics in high school, college, and their professional lives.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Starting a new tutoring program is a big step for families. It’s a significant investment of time and money, so it’s only natural to have questions, especially if you’re considering online tutoring for the first time. Here are some common questions and their answers to help you decide on the right tutoring approach for your child.

How much does tutoring cost?

The cost of tutoring depends on the tutoring service and the individual tutor. Some tutors set their own rates, while others have their rates set by the tutoring company. A tutoring session with a qualified educator typically costs between $35 and $90 an hour, but some of the best tutors charge more due to their extensive expertise.

How much should I pay my tutor?

Some companies offer a discounted or complimentary first tutoring session. It’s also common for tutoring services to have policies stating that if subsequent sessions aren’t beneficial, you should be able to get a refund. As mentioned above, hourly costs typically range from $35 to $90 per hour, but this can vary significantly based on experience, location, subject matter, and academic level.

Is a tutor worth it for your child?

If your child needs help improving their grades or understanding complex concepts, a tutor can significantly impact their academic success. Using an online tutoring platform like Learner means that your child will work with a kind, patient, and knowledgeable tutor who is an expert on the subject matter your child needs help with.

How can I find a tutor online?

There are many ways to find private tutors online. Tutoring marketplaces like Wyzant allow you to browse tutor profiles and get in touch with one with relevant experience. On the other hand, tutoring services like Learner will get to know your child’s needs and learning style to carefully match them with one of the best online math tutors.

Is online tutoring better?

Online tutoring is an excellent alternative to traditional, in-person tutoring. Many families prefer online tutoring because it tends to be more flexible and cost-effective. It also provides tools such as interactive whiteboards, recorded lectures, and collaborative feedback. Online services give students access to the best tutors in the country rather than restricting them to those in their local area.

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