7 Best PMP Prep Course Reviews of 2023 | The Right Way to Get Project Management Professional Certification

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Are you ready to sit for the PMI’s Project Management Professionals certification exam? Have you found the best PMP prep course for the best preparation?

If you are an accredited project manager, you are more than capable of handling enormous projects compared to your unaccredited counterparts. PMP is also one of the highest-paying certifications in the world. However, it is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. 

You will be doing a lot of de-service to yourself if you register for the exam but don’t get a project management course that will help you prepare thoroughly. So pick the right prep course as well as the best PMP prep book to date. Of course, you cannot trust any other course that you get online. Read through to get a list of the best courses that will make your PMP certification a bliss. 

1. Project Management Academy [Overall-Best]

  • Rating: 4.9 / 5
  • Interactive learning that grabs and retains your attention
  • Web-based video lectures that explain difficult concepts
  • Over 2,000 practice questions which ensure you are fully prepared for the test

2. Prepcast [Best Value for Money]

  • Rating: 4.9 / 5
  • Mobile-friendly content for flexibility in learning wherever you are and on the go
  • Real-world examples make it relatable and easier to remember
  • Short study sessions help you to retain more knowledge you acquired

3. BrainSensei [Best E-Learning with a Punch]

  • Rating: 4.6 / 5
  • A reliable customer support team that deals with you issues with speed
  • 4 practice exams that ensure you can follow your progress and improve specific if needed
  • Emails with tips and strategies that you can use in the exam which are regular and free

How to Get the Best Course for PMP Certification Preparation  

Benefits of a PMP prep course

PMP certification exam is time-consuming. Before you can sit for the exam, you have to spend time reading and understanding the PMBOK guide. However, mastering the PMBOK guide may not be enough. You may need other guides to help you prepare for the exam well. 

Additionally, you will need to practice more with sample questions with the same difficulty level as the actual test. Therefore, a prep course helps you so that you can have the best preparation for the test. 

PMP certification is one of the most challenging exams that you can sit for. Apart from the problematic concepts, you must develop a strategy to finish the 200 questions in 240 minutes. The time pressure can be so overwhelming that it might be hard to pass. 

The right prep course prepares you to face the pressure. You will get strategies and enough practice questions to prepare you to face the actual exam.

What Do Project Management Training Courses Include?  

The best PMP training course offers you the essential skills that you require in your career. It helps you learn the hard and soft skills that you need to survive in your career. 

Additionally, the training course exposes you to the latest trends in the project management field. The project management field is not static. It undergoes constant changes that lead to better management of projects. As a manager, you need to undertake the training to learn the relevant trends to be relevant. 

Apart from the real-world application, a PMP certification training course should include guidance on how to take the certification exam. It should consist of sample questions and tips that should be of help in acing the test. 

Best PMP Prep Course Reviews 

1. Project Management Academy

  • Rating: 4.9 / 5


  • Interactive learning that grabs and retains your attention
  • Web-based video lectures that explain difficult concepts
  • Over 2,000 practice questions which ensure you are fully prepared for the test
  • A strategy guide for how you can pass the exam
  • 100% money-back guarantee, which is an assurance of passing the exam

Project management Academy is the best Bootcamp PMP course online. It is an excellent option when you want to achieve the best results within a short time. It involves rigorous and intense teaching of the concepts in a limited period. 

When you take the PMP certification training course, you have a 100% guarantee of passing your PMP exams. In case you don’t pass the exam, which is rare, the course offers you a 100% money-back guarantee. 

What’s more? More than any other course, Project Management Academy gives you a full picture of what to expect in the test. With over 2,000 sample questions, you will get enough practice to provide you with the confidence to hack the test. The questions match the real test questions in terms of complexity, format, and difficulty. 

Apart from the sample questions, the course also offers a strategy guide that helps you in passing the exams. 

Their tutoring style is interactive prep training aids and prep exercises and games. That helps you to focus on the preparation for an extended period without losing focus. 

The course meets the 35 hours contact hours required by PMI, and you can also enjoy tutoring after class and the application assistance tools. The web-based video lectures also come in handy in explaining difficult concepts and answering questions if you are stuck. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– The course is interactive and interesting
– It gives you a picture of what to expect in the real exam
– Sample questions are similar to the ones in the test
– You have access to a mock exam
– It would do better with more scenario-based questioning

2. Prepcast

  • Rating: 4.9 / 5


  • Mobile-friendly content for flexibility in learning
  • Real-world examples make it relatable.
  • Short study sessions help you to retain more.
  • Video-based learning makes it interesting.
  • 35 contact hours certificate

Why does PMP Prepcast make it in our list of courses? The course stands out as the best online PMP course in terms of accessibility. 

It gives you the flexibility such that you can learn the concepts while taking a walk in the park, having lunch, having your morning jog. 

First, unlike other courses, the Prepcast is mobile friendly. Therefore, you can download the lessons and watch them on your mobile device later. The short study sessions are vital in helping you retain the content that you hear. 

Cornelius Fichtner and the team of certified experts at Prepcast are determined to make sure that you don’t just hear the content, but you also understand it. Therefore, they have outlined their training program with state-of-the-art learning technology to make your learning fun. 

You will have access to over 50 hours of video, which you can watch on your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Additionally, the use of real-world examples and explanations make the course relatable. The more you relate to the concepts, the easier it is to understand it. 

The course also includes a simulated exam with over 1600 practice questions with answers and explanations. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Interesting
– Easy to retain the content
– The flexibility of learning time
– Expert advice
– The standard course option offers only one simulated exam

3. BrainSensei

  • Rating: 4.67 / 5


  • A reliable customer support team that deals with you issues with speed
  • 4 practice exams that ensure you have the best practice
  • Emails with tips and strategies that you can use in the exam
  • An interactive story-based presentation that maintains your interest 
  • Focus on your blind spots, which helps you to deal with them before sitting for the exam

Brain Sensei qualifies as the best PMP prep course for non-traditional learning. While other courses prepare you for the test, the BrainSensei program managers course goes a step further to identify your blind spots. 

The course doesn’t only focus on making you understand the concepts. It also focuses on how the concepts are delivered, which grabs and maintains your interest in learning. Thus, their learning modules are presented in an interactive story-based manner such that you don’t lose your attention. 

With the 4 practice exams (800 questions) that come with the course, you will feel what to expect in the actual test. Additionally, unlike other courses, BrainSensei has a Facebook group in which you can ask any questions regarding the course. 

The follow-up emails are packed with tips, strategies, and tricks that will help you ace the test. After each module, you will get an assessment that allows you to evaluate your progress and the areas that require more attention. 

With a reliable customer support team, you can put forward any issue you might have, and you will get a response within a short time. 

The PMP online training course offers you 35 contact hours and a 100% guarantee of passing the exam. It also comes with a 2-day free trial. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Risk-free
– 100% pass guarantee
– 2-day free trial
– Facebook group where you can ask a question if you are stuck
– It would be more helpful with more real exam type of questions

4. Wiley Efficient Learning

  • Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Mobile app for easy accessibility
  • Video lectures make learning fun.
  • Mock exams and sample questions for thorough preparations
  • Tactics and tips that help you to ace the exam
  • It covers all topics, which makes it an excellent choice for reference

If you want a project management online course that gives you the confidence to face the exam, choose Wiley Efficient Learning. 

First, the course provides a review guide that covers all the topics in the PMBOK guide. It also offers you practical tactics and tips to help you hack the exam.

With the two mock exams and more than 1,050 practice questions, you’ll have the confidence to face the test. It also comes with more than 14 hours of lecture videos and a companion mobile app that allows you access wherever you are. 

Additionally, the course satisfies the 35 contact hours required by PMI.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Fun learning
– Easily accessible
– Free-trial
– Although the content is mobile-friendly, the best navigation is on a computer

5. BrainBok

  • Rating: 4.4 / 5


  • Quizzes that help in assessing progress
  • Various plans to choose from depending on your need and budget
  • Flashcards used in learning to make it interesting
  • Sample questions that help you in practicing before doing the test
  • Up-to-date strategies to help you ace the exam

If not for anything else, We loved BrainBok as it offers the best value than other PMP courses. The course provides various affordable subscription plans, each of which comes with enough material for facing the exam. 

The subscription plan starts with a basic plan where you get a guide on mastering the PMP exam. Additionally, you can choose the premium, premium plus, and premium pro subscription plans. The highest, the premium pro, contains the 35 hours contact certificate, three practice exams, mastering PMBOK exams 1 and 2, an online study guide, etc. 

The subscriptions are not renewed automatically. After the expiry of the plan, you can restore it manually if you wish. 

The course offers up-to-date project management concepts and strategies that will help you pass the exams. They offer a money-back guarantee on all plans if you don’t pass the exams. 

They also offer an interactive learning process with the use of flashcards and quizzes. The quizzes enable you to evaluate your progress as you take the course. With that, you can identify areas that you are struggling with and work towards resolving them. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– A range of options to choose from depending on your budget
– Money-back guarantee
– Up-to-date concepts
– Interactive learning
– It requires a lot of discipline as it offers self-study materials
– No video lectures compared to other courses

6. Simplilearn PMP Certification Training Course

  • Rating: 4.3 / 5


  • 7 simulation test papers with 200 questions each, which allows for thorough preparation for the test
  • Flexibility so that you learn at your own pace
  • 99.9% pass rate, which gives you confidence for doing the test
  • 35 contact hours so that you can fully understand the concepts
  • 100% money-back guarantee 

The Simplilearn PMP certification course is not just about passing exams. It also comes in handy as a perfect reference in real-world project management scenarios. 

The course focuses on the latest trends and considerations and emerging practices in project management. It doesn’t stop at that. The course also emphasizes business and strategic knowledge to position and market yourself as a project manager. 

I also love the fact that the course explains your role as a project manager in small and large companies. 

When it comes to preparation, Simplilearn stands out as the best. The project management certificate course standout as it has a pass rate of 99.9%. If you want to remove any doubt before sitting for the test, this is the course to use. 

It comes with seven simulation test papers with 200 questions each. The questions match those of the actual test in format and difficulty. As such, practicing using the questions gives you a real picture of what to expect in the test. 

You also get 90 days of online classes where the best practitioners and instructors teach you. The course is self-paced learning. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– The course offers real-world scenarios that you can apply in the profession
– Flexible learning
– Practice questions to help you face the test
– Simplilearn has no free courses
– With 400+ courses, it doesn’t offer a wide variety of courses like other platforms

7. PMtraining

  • Rating: 4.3 / 5


  • Classes focus on the PMP curriculum so that you get the best preparation.
  • Registered educators so that you receive the best instructions
  • 35 contact hours from the PMI exam portal, which gives you enough practice
  • The exam simulation tools also help to give a taste of what to expect in the actual exam
  • Free courses of equal or lesser value if you fail the exam

If you are still looking for the best PMP certification course online, I have an excellent PMtraining for you. One thing I like about the PMP course is their guarantee that you will pass the exam after going through the course. Isn’t that what we all want? Why would you take a course if you will still not be sure of passing in the end?

If you attend the live online class and don’t pass the exam, PMtraining allows you to participate in another class of lesser value for free. If for any chance, you fail the PMP exam for more than one time, which is rare, you get an invitation for free enrollment for a class of equal or lesser value. 

So, what does the class offer? When you enroll for the project management course online, you get 35 contact hours from the PMI online exam portal. The classes have a focus on the PMP curriculum, and they are updated to meet the latest PMBOK Guide. 

Additionally, you’ll be taught by registered educators and have access to comprehensive exam preparation tools. The exam simulation tools prepare you well to have the confidence to face and pass the exam in the first try. 

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Guarantee of passing the exam
– The curriculum is up-to-date with the PMBOK guide
– Flexibility
– Exam simulation tools
– Some questions in the course may not meet the complexity and difficulty of the real test

How Much Do Online Project Management Training Courses Cost? 

Project management courses are costly. Yet, experts argue that the cost is nothing compared to the accreditation that comes with the course. 

If you decide to take your project management training online, it will cost you approximately $900, including the exam fee. 

Alternatively, taking the certification training in the classroom will cost you approximately $2,700, including the exam fee. 

If you are a PMI member, the exam fee is $405, while for non-members, it is $550. 

How Much Do Project Management Professionals Earn?

In the United States, a certified PMP project manager will earn a salary of approximately $111,000. On the other hand, a non-certified project manager will earn $91,000. 

Certified managers will therefore earn 20% more than what non-certified managers earn. The salary range will also vary depending on the country the manager is working in. For instance, in Switzerland, a median PMP salary is $130,000. 

Is Taking a Project Management Training Course Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. 

First, the training course offers you essential skills that help you stand out from the rest. With so many project managers in the field, the certification sets you apart from the rest. 

Additionally, the PMP certification is global. As such, as a certified manager, you can initiate and manage high-performing projects from anywhere around the globe. Not to mention that it also comes with a better income than that of a non-certified manager. 

The training course also adds to your resume. Interviewers will consider a certified manager over a non-certified one for a big project, although it will cost more. The certification is proof that you have the skills to initiate and carry out tasks. 

What Is the PMP Certification Exam? 

PMP certification exam is a test conducted by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to test aspirants who want to become certified project managers. 

The test covers various domains, including initiating a project, planning the project, executing the project, monitoring, and closing the project. 

The exam consists of 200 questions. Out of the 200 questions, 25 are not included in the final score. The questions are used in improving the standard of the exam in the future. Note, the pilot questions are distributed randomly throughout the test. 

You are not allowed to use any reference material during the test. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a PMP prep course online, ensure it offers you vital features and accessibility. PMP certification is a challenging exam that requires thorough preparation. The right course will help you get the confidence to face the exam. 

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