3 Best MCAT Flashcards Reviews in 2021 | Tools To Ace the Med School Test

There are many MCAT study aids available and they include prep books, flashcards, apps, and the best online MCAT courses we reviewed. In this article, I am going to review the best MCAT flashcards for your studies. 

Throughout college, I used flashcards in every single one of my classes. Without these tools, I am sure my GMAT score would have been lower.

So, what are MCAT flashcards? These are tools with essential questions and concepts you need to know for test day. The questions come with answers.

The cards allow you to study anywhere. You can use them while in class, lunch breaks, or lying in bed. It is worth noting that flashcards can be digital or non-digital. You should also get the best MCAT prep book to help with the preparation of your exam.

Best MCAT Flashcards Buying Guide

Why Should You Get MCAT Flashcards?

Flashcards are popular tools that can help you grasp concepts and terms quickly. Buy MCAT flashcards if you want to learn how to answer a question properly without having to read a detailed guide.

They promote speed repetition hence it is easy to recall information with them. This will boost your memory and are sure to score very well on your test. Keep in mind that many of them break down many concepts into essential facts, diagrams so you can understand better.

As a former GMAT taker myself, I would recommend that you also have a full MCAT prep guide.

What Should You Look for in MCAT Flashcards?

If you are looking for the top MCAT flashcards to help with your studies, there are factors that you must consider. One of them is content. They should have a lot of practice questions and terms for every section of the exam so you can be very well prepared.

Also make sure the cards have covered all the MCAT sections, and are thick so you can use them for a long time. You don’t want to practice with thin cards that keep bending all the time.

They should come from a reputable test preparation company and be prepared by experts. Check also if the questions have answers and a thorough review of each section.

Best MCAT Flashcards Reviews

1. [Best MCAT Flashcards Overall] GMAT Kaplan MCAT Flashcards + App

GMAT Kaplan MCAT Flashcards

Main Features

  • They are flashcards by Kaplan test Prep
  • They come with an app
  • The pack contains 1,000 flashcards
  • The flashcards have covered all MCAT categories such as Physics, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.
  • It has content that you can trust

Kaplan MCAT flashcards

These flashcards from Kaplan are one of the most popular prep tools on the market. Kaplan is renowned in test preparation.

They design guides for various tests such as MCAT, GMAT, SAT, PSAT, just to name a few. They have been in operation for 80 years now and have the best teachers to design their questions.

Topics covered in this card include:

  • Biochemistry has 187 cards
  • General chemistry has 143 cards
  • Behavioral sciences have 230 cards
  • Organic chemistry has 90 cards
  • Biology has 247 cards
  • Physics has 103 cards

This set of cards comes with an app that can be accessed on Android and iOS devices.

Great Study Tools

Studying for the MCAT is hard work but it does not have to be this way if you are using flashcards. They are great tools to help you master your studies and get a high score.

If you use their app, you will be saving the environment from printing many papers and save your desk space. You can download the flashcard as many times as you want for your multiple classes or subjects.

I used one of these during my pharmacy course and I liked it. It helped me memorize better different names of drugs.

Cheap and Powerful

Flashcards are affordable and yet effective tools for studying. They cannot be put in the same price category as books and other study materials. Kaplan’s flashcards are also affordable.


You can carry these flashcards anywhere you want and can use them whenever you want.  They are portable compared to thick study books. You can revise with them while commuting and can be placed at strategic locations in your house to be used anytime you want.

Important Information

These study tools only show important information. They remove all the fluff hence are good for learning important medical concepts, definitions, and terms. The same case applies to Kaplan flashcards.

They have the best review of science terms, concepts, and definitions. The information includes anatomy, nuclear phenomena, atomic structures, and protein folding, Newtonian mechanics, just to name a few.

All the concepts cover all sciences covered in MCAT.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– They are affordable
– They are portable hence can be carried and used anywhere
– They cover all sections of MCAT
 – They come with an app which has more information
– They come as a pack with1000 cards
– Some cards with diagrams to help you understand better some terms and concepts
– The content is written by MCAT professionals hence can be trusted. This is unlike online sources which are mostly written by anyone and sometimes take hours to get the content that you want.
– Don’t know of any

2. [Best MCAT Flashcards for the Money] Barron’s MCAT Flash Cards

Barron MCAT Flashcards

Main Features

  • The cards have questions on the front and answers on the back
  • They are flashcards by Barron’s test prep
  • They have 472 pages
  • They cover 7 subjects and they include Psychology, Biology, sociology, General Chemistry, psychology, organic chemistry, and Biochemistry Physics.
  • The cards measure 4 ½ ” by 2 ¾
  • The cards come with strategies for test-taking
  • There are bonus online practice tests with answers and detailed explanations

Awesome tool for the study

This is an in-depth review of science concepts and strategies needed for MCAT taking. It has been developed by experts with MCAT training experience and covers all sections of the test.

I ordered these cards and was happy to see that they have diagrams, images, practice problems, and even examples to clarify concepts. They also come with bonus online full practice tests. The questions have answers and detailed explanations.

It’s a fact that only full practice tests will help you achieve better results. They will help you build stamina or exam-taking endurance.

MCAT is a long test that can take 7 hours and the earlier you practice with full tests, the more you will find it easy to do a long exam and have less stress.

Multichoice questions with Answers

MCAT is a multi-choice test that assesses your knowledge of important science concepts. These cards come with questions and answers to help you prepare for individual sections of the exam as well as providing tips for what you will expect on test day.

Have Effective Strategies for Taking Exams

It is worth noting that these cards include strategies for test-taking. They include:

  • Critical analysis and reasoning
  • Time management
  • Creating an effective plan
  • How to handle test anxiety
  • How to solve problems

The best way to prepare for your MCAT is to study hard and smart.  You can study smart if you have created a study plan. It will prevent you from falling behind in your MCAT studies.

The cards have actionable tips on how to set hours for study. Do you have a plan for managing your time during each section? You should start one. MCAT is a timed test hence start increasing your speed when answering questions.

It is a terrible thing to run out of time when answering questions on the test day. Most of the questions require about 1 minute and 35 seconds to answer each of them. Do not forget you still need some time to read the passages before answering them.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Questions have answers and detailed explanations
– Have bonus online practice tests
– The cards cover all sections of MCAT
– Strategies for tackling for the test are also included
– Not all cards have images and diagrams though these do not matter a lot like the questions with their detailed answers.

3. [Best MCAT Flashcards + Online Pack] The Princeton Review Essential MCAT: Flashcards + Online

Princeton Review MCAT Flashcards

Main Features

  • Comes as a set with 550 cards
  • They are flashcards by Princeton Review
  • Includes of bonus online of 550 drill question cards
  • This study tool has an in-depth review of every subject tested in MCAT. Subjects include Organic Chemistry, Critical Analysis, and Reasoning Skills, Sociology and Psychology, Biology and Biochemistry, Physics and Math and General Chemistry
  • The cards are organized by subject and subcategory
  • On the front of the card, you will get key terms of different subjects while on the back there are diagrams, bulleted list of information and definitions

Engaging and Effective

If you are looking for an effective tool to help prepare for your MCAT, look no further, this set of flashcards will help. They contain diagrams, images, bulleted lists of information, definitions and humor to help you understand better the subjects and terms on them.

Learning with these cards will definitely create a fun experience for you since diagrams and images are worth a thousand words.

This also offers an effective way for you to study and retain knowledge. They easily promote repetition. They are also direct, hassle-free and quick to pick and study.

Princeton Review Flashcards

These are flashcards by Princeton Review. This is a test preparation company that has been in operation for over 40 years now. It has over 4000 teachers that help with the preparation of different tests such as MCAT, ACT, SAT subjects, GREM, TOEFL, PSAT, and many others.

The Company has headquarters in New York. They have other franchises in other countries.  You can be sure that the cards have been prepared by experts who have been helping students get high scores in their tests.

Official MCAT flashcards

These cards have content that you can trust. They contain realistic drills and cover all sections of GMAT. As a student studying for the MCAT, you need all the information you can get since MCAT is an important test needed when applying for your dream medical school.

With 550 content cards and more resources online, these cards will help you learn all important concepts, terms of:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning skills
  • Sociology and Physiology
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Physics and Math
  • General Chemistry

 550 drill-question cards online

Do you know that MCAT is a 7 hours and 33 minutes test with over 230 questions? This is a test that needs good preparation. Luckily for you, Princeton Review has extra 550 drill question cards that you access online.

They also cover all subjects of the MCAT and important theories, topics, systems and phenomena to help you score high and get accepted in your dream medical school.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
– Comes with bonus 550 drill questions online
– They are affordable
– They cover all MCAT subjects
– They have been reviewed by experts
– The cards have 1102 pages
– None that I know of

How to Use MCAT Flashcards

There are paper flashcards and digital flashcards. With paper flashcards, important concepts, terms or information is printed on cards. Digital flashcards can only be accessed online.

You can download them or access them through an app. Some digital flashcards come complete with all questions and answers while some like anki flashcards MCAT need to be downloaded and then information filled.

I would recommend buying official MCAT flashcards like the ones reviewed in this article since they come with all the information needed to prepare for your exam.

Paper Flashcards vs. Digital Flashcards

While digital flashcards are the future of MCAT studying, paper flashcards like the ones reviewed in this article are still more effective. Some students even study better with old fashioned approaches than digital ones because the digital cards come in overwhelming numbers in a single pack. 

I would say both are great tools. The best MCAT flashcards come with both of them: a set of cards plus online resources with questions and answers.

The best thing with digital flashcards is that you can download them as many times as you want, they will save your desk space and your environment; no more cutting trees to print cards.

What Do I Do After I Finish My MCAT Flashcards?

Like I mentioned before, you need other study resources to supplement your flashcards. They include MACT books, tutors or apps. At 1 point you will be through with them. Study using other resources for the section that was not covered properly by flashcards.

Prep books have in-depth information and are very handy when preparing for an important exam such as MCAT.

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