9 Best LSAT Prep Books Reviewed 2021 | Ace the Law School Admission Test

While taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) cold has been done before, it’s definitely not recommended by lots of people, myself included. This is especially true if you want to impress the law school admission council. Having high LSAT score is important to beat out other law school applications be admitted top your top law schools. At the very least, you’ll want to invest in the best LSAT prep book to help you prepare for the exam, as it is one of the most important resources to leverage and is the key strategy I used to get into Berkley Law School.

The key here, however, is to find the best title to ensure that you’re ready for the exam. Stick around as I’ll discuss some of the best LSAT prep books that you should check out. I used several of these these to score high to be accepted into Berkeley’s law school and also to help the students I tutor, many of which are now law students.

LSAT Prep Book Comparison Table 2021

Top 9 Best LSAT Prep Books 2021

While we’re confident that the tips shared above can help you find the best LSAT books, it might not make weeding out options quick and efficient. Without the right knowledge, you might even end up with law books when they don’t have anything to do with this test. So to help you cut to the chase, we’ve rounded up 9 of the most popular picks that you should check out. See them below to boost your law school acceptance chances with awesome prep material and full-length practice tests / practice problems.

1. [Overall Best LSAT Prep Book] LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions

LSAT Prep Books

Starting off this list is the Test Prep Books LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions. This LSAT trainer isn’t a comprehensive study guide but it’s a very handy and informational sample question and practice test book to use to get into the top law schools by offering 2 full-length practice exams.

This book contains three practice tests with answer keys and detailed answer explanations. With this book, you can put your knowledge to the test and identify the areas (reading, critical thinking, etc) where you need improvement. It’ll help improve the areas you are weak in because the answers are explained really well. I found that this helped me the most with lsat reading comprehension and analytical reasoning.

Most folks use this book as a part of their extensive self-study process. Others use it as a quick review book for when they don’t have lots of time to go over a thick and heavy book. You can practice and learn about new concepts and is great if you want to quickly go over the material you should remember for the test.

Another great use of this book is as an on-the-go resource for study tips. As the most comprehensive LSAT review books tend to be bulky and heavy, this thin book proves to be easier to lug around. You can take it with you everywhere which will then also let you make the most of your free time.

With such versatility, we’re convinced that this is one of the absolute must-have titles for those who are planning on taking the LSAT. It’s a good place to start or end your preparation process because of its conciseness.

This book is also recommended for its good presentation of information. It’s easy to follow and understand so you don’t have to struggle going over its points and topics.

The only downside is it doesn’t contain old LSAT questions. Other review books contain actual test questions from the previous exams which promise that you will be ready for the real test format. While the problems in this book try to have the same tone, technique, and nuance, they’re still not the actual official questions. So if you want to really understand the LSAT questions, it’s best to get an additional title that contains such to really boost your chances of getting into your #1 law school. After all, many people (myself included) recommend getting 2-4  lsat prep books.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Lots of practice available
– Concise
– Easy to follow
– No official questions from the previous LSATs

2. [Best Value for Money] APEX LSAT Prep Books 2020-2021


On a budget? The APEX LSAT Prep Books 2020-2021 Study Guide & Practice Test Questions is something that might interest you. This affordable prep book can help you study for the LSAT without making a dent in your pocket or sacrificing the quality of your preparations.

It’s no secret that taking the LSAT can be a costly affair. The registration fee alone will already set you back a few grand. Some even opt to stop working and focus entirely on preparing to earn the LSAT perfect score which is certainly an expensive decision. Add to this to your list of must-have study materials or sign up for the best LSAT prep course and you can expect to invest a good amount of money in the process.

With this book, however, you can take the practical route and still get a good prep book without emptying your wallet. This makes it a very promising pick as not a lot of LSAT preparation books are very affordable.

Worried about its contents? This is understandable but you don’t have to. This book is packed with informative content that will prepare you for the test ranging from test-taking tips to the explanations of the answers of the sample questions.

Lots of users also praise its informative content as it covers all the possible topics that can come out in the LSAT. With these, you can be guaranteed that you can rely on this book to be ready for the test and outsmart the LSAT test writers.

Note, however, that this book only has 139 pages so it won’t be able to discuss everything in detail and reading it entirely isn’t difficult. It’s great to go over all the topics and not rush through them while not having to spend FOREVER on each one. It’s perfect for anyone on a shorter time frame who need a fairly quick review and great practice tests.  It isn’t great for a fully comprehensive book to learn and doesn’t cover LSAT logic games and doesn’t contain full study guides.

It complements the #1 choice well, and we highly recommend this one in addition to our top choice, LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Great price
– Very informative
– Great choice for those who are just getting started in their prep process
– Not as detailed as some people would like

3. [Best Self-study LSAT PREP Book] The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide

The LSAT Trainer

Authored by the co-creator of the Manhattan Prep LSAT Learning System, The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide by Mike Kim is a solid reading guide for those who prefer to prepare on their own. Hailed as the best prep book to get you into law school, you should definitely consider adding this title to your study materials.

What exactly makes this title a must-have for LSAT takers? While it’s not a comprehensive study guide that will discuss all of the concepts and topics that might turn up in the LSAT, it still proves to be very handy to have around. It’s packed with great instructions that can improve your self-study and has nearly every question type and provides amazing lsat practice tests to maximize your chance of getting into law school.

Simply put, this book is more of a manual in going about your LSAT preparation. Self-studying can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you don’t know where to start. This book will teach you what you need to do to orchestrate a good procedure on your own. I found that this is one of the few options that’ll help you with reading comprehension as I don’t think most other books do it well (with the exception being my #1 pick).

The fact that this book is made by one of the people who created one of the historically best LSAT prep courses available (Manhattan prep) makes it more reliable and credible source of information. It’s even better than its predecessor which was actually pretty frickin’ good already.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Contains over 200 official LSAT sample questions
– ‘Battle-tested tips
– Will teach you how to study for the LSAT effectively
– Will help you craft an effective study plan
– Works best as a supplemental study material

4. APEX Test Prep LSAT Prep Book

APEX Test Prep for LSAT

Another great option is the APEX Test Prep LSAT Prep Book . Offered by the same folks behind our best value pick, you can also expect good things from this awesome LSAT prep book. Bonus points for having an engaging writing style and great test writers.

At the top of the list of the great things it can offer is its succinct approach to providing the information you need in preparation for the LSAT. With just 139 pages, this book touches nearly everything you have to cover to be ready for the LSAT.

This makes it comprehensive enough for those who are rushing their prep process. This also makes it a solid choice for those who need an overview of what they need to cover when getting ready for the big exam who want to avoid a lot of in-depth reading.

As it also contains several practice questions, you can also count on it to become better acquainted with the trickiness of the actual LSAT. Its practice questions are made in the same vein as the actual test’s so you can be used to answering complicated questions. 

Like other books of this kind, it also comes with solution explanations so you can check how well you’re doing in your prep process. This part discusses the correct answers to the questions and will give you tips on how to answer them effectively. It’s designed so you can learn more while you correct your mistakes and better understand the concepts you’re studying.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Contains over 200 official LSAT sample questions
– ‘Battle-tested’ LSAT-taking tips
– Will teach you how to study for the LSAT effectively
– Will help you craft an effective study plan
– Works best as a supplemental study material

5. David M. Killoran The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (Powerscore Test Preparation)

PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

David M. Killoran’s The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (Powerscore Test Preparation) is another very popular pick if you’re after the best LSAT study guide. This particular Powerscore LSAT book, however, is a section-specific title, designed to help you focus on the tricky area of the logical reasoning sections, which really help with completing law school as well.

A lot of people who took the official LSAT before will tell you to prepare thoroughly for the Logic Games portion of the official LSAT. It’s considered as one of the toughest areas as it is very tricky and will really require you to use various mental skills to solve the problems. As it comes with a tight time constraint, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most nerve-racking sections of the test.

In this book, you can learn about and identify the different game types so you can answer the questions related to them accordingly. It will teach you techniques for making the right inferences and solving each game type. There are also drills to help you put what you’ve learned through studying.

Lots of LSAT-takers also liked this title for its tips on time management. Since this section can be time-consuming, learning how to make the most of your time is crucial.

The only downside is its long-winded method of discussing points and presenting information. This tends to make the book quite exhausting to review, but if you can power through and really commit then I PROMISE your logical reasoning ability will skyrocket.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Will help you get acquainted with the notorious LSAT section
– Will teach you the best techniques with logical reasoning problems
– Packed with great information
– Can be more concise in providing information

6. LSAC 10 Actual Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI

10 actual LSAT PrepTests

One of the longest standing choices with now 6 series, the LSAC 10 Actual Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI as well. The Actual Official LSAT PrepTests  book contains 10 practice prep exams which is possibly the most number you can find in any workbook of its kind in its price point. With it, you can improve a lot with so many full-length practice exams with a lot of practice problems organized by question type.

Actual Official LSAT PrepTests offers more than just a lot of practice, though. As it is made by the very people behind the official LSAT, you can be guaranteed that its contents will have you gain the knowledge you need for a high score.

In fact, these practice exams are real tests administered in the previous years. So the content of this book is as authentic as it can gets.

Pair it with the Official LSAT Superprep book and you’ll find yourself covering all of your bases. Both are from LSAC so you can easily rely on their credibility and usefulness in preparing for your upcoming LSAT. You will need another supplemental material to prepare for the LSAT, though, as it doesn’t contain solution explanations.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Contains actual LSAT questions
– Very affordable
– 10 practice prep tests included
– No answer explanations

7. Kaplan LSAT Logic Games Unlocked 2020-2021

Kaplan LSAT Prep Logic Games

A great resource on what is believed to be the toughest part of the real LSAT is the Kaplan LSAT Logic Games Unlocked. This is a section-focused book that aims to prepare you for the Logic Games portion of the LSAT. So if you think you need more practice in handling that area of the exam, this book can help.

What makes this Kaplan LSAT prep book worth considering is its approach in helping you tackle the Logic Games section of the LSAT. It includes strategies in answering the tricky questions for students of different levels. So if you’re a complete novice in this area, you can still count on this book to prepare you. It’s particularly great at improving reading scores. 

This title also contains lots of official practice questions but doesn’t have full length practice tests as it only focuses on the logic section for LSAT prep. This will ensure that you’ll really get acquainted with the format and types of questions in the LSAT. Since it’s not comprehensive you’ll want to look at other books / study guides as well or check out the video lessons that cover logic games, writing styles, time management, and more test prep material. 

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Contains easy to follow strategies and study plan
– Has a lot of official LSAT questions
– Will also let you access premium online content
– Good for beginners
– Some find its contents to be overly simplified

8. Mometrix LSAT Prep Book Study Guide

LSAT Prep Book Study Guide

The Mometrix LSAT Prep Book Study Guide is considered to be another one of the top LSAT prep books if you’re after an affordable and useful comprehensive study guide. It might be small in size but it packs a lot of punch as it is very concise and is teeming with the vital information you need to get ready for the official LSAT.

True to its name, it’s a quick study guide that should quickly navigate your  prep process. It contains an overview of the LSAT, vital information about its coverage, and some full length practice questions to train you for the real thing.

It’s pretty much everything you need to get started in your prep process, quickly prepare for the official LSAT, and get into the law school of your dreams.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Good price
– Great content
– Concise and free of fluff
– similar to previous edition

9. David Killoran The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

LSAT Logic Games Bible

If you want a complete review system, the David Killoran The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy is something you shouldn’t miss. This lsat strategy guide set offers what could be the most in-depth discussion of study preparation so it could be what your prep efforts need. 

Considered by many as the best LSAT prep book collection, this set is composed of three books that cover the key sections (reading comprehension, logic, etc.) of the real LSAT. Each book focuses on a portion of the LSAT, allowing you to take a closer look at the said areas and be thoroughly prepared. They contain their own specific tips and hacks so you can be sure to take on the official LSAT with confidence. The reasoning bible is the best of the lot, but they’re all solid.

Coupled with the PowerScore LSAT course, the whole system promises great scores to those who are brave enough to take the challenge.

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
– Very specific approach to the various LSAT sections
– Created by industry experts
– Incredibly detailed discussions
– Great resource for reading comprehension
– Quite pricey

LSAT Self-Study vs LSAT Prep Course

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails about how I feel about self-studying with just books or utilizing an LSAT prep course. Here’s the bottom line – both are really great and a prep course can be more helpful if you’re willing to spend the money since you’ll have more accountability and can get access to some real life Q&A.

However, I personally went down the route of using an LSAT prep book since I am a self driven student. I decided this because a few books are a fraction of the cost of a course (it really depends on what books / courses you get) and I am excellent with my studying discipline so I didn’t think it was an issue. Books will give you a better return on your money if you are motivated and even if you aren’t great at studying on your own building up the discipline by self-studying is a skill that will be kept when you finally start law school.

That said, below are my favorite LSAT prep books to use so that you’re ready to nail the actual exam.

Honorable Mention

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT Premium is also a pretty good LSAT prep book but just fell out of our favorite. If you’re a big fan of Princeton Review products and enjoy the learning style they promote you’ll certainly find success with this as a prep book, but there are certainly better lsat prep books.

Lsat Prep Books FAQs

Is Khan Academy good for LSAT?

Khan Academy is a good  tool for LSAT preparation because they provide real questions and give thorough answers. However, it shouldn’t be your primary one as it won’t teach you the concepts behind the questions as well as prep books do. They are best as a supplemental tool when you have finished several prep books as they only provide a good Q&A.

Is Barron’s LSAT prep book good?

Barron’s LSAT prep books is a pretty good one, but it didn’t make our list of the top 10. There are a LOT of great books and you can do well studying with Barron’s, but we feel that there are better ones out there.

How long should I study for the LSAT?

You should study for the LSAT about 200-300 hours over 4 to 6 months to get a competitive score, with taking practice tests being included in that time. Of course, if your’e studying on your own it really depends on how motivated and focused you are, but if you are able to properly study that amount of time then you’ll do well.

Is the LSAT harder than the SAT?

The LSAT is harder than the SAT because it requires more abstract thinking and it has tougher logical reasoning questions. The SAT is built more on a foundation of what you learn in school and can be similar to other tests. While there is similarity between the SAT and LSAT around answering questions to test your reading comprehension, the LSAT uniquely has a logical reasoning and games section that many students do poorly on.

How many times can I take the LSAT?

You can take the LSAT 3 times in one year, 5 times within 5 years, and 7 times over a lifetime. 

Is 6 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

6 months is enough time to study for the LSAT if you are consistent. We recommend students put in 200-300 hours (more can only help) over 4 to 6 months. As long as you are diligent and consistent then 6 months is more than enough time to be prepared to do well.

Is there any math on the LSAT?

There is no math on the LSAT. The closest thing to that is the logical reasonings and games that require a similar, mathematical mind but there is no actual math on the test.

Has anyone gotten a 180 on the LSAT?

People have gotten a 180 on the LSAT, LSAC claims. However, it is very rare for this to happen – a 0.1%, or 1/1000 people tend to get a 180 on the LSAT. Those who do are typically admitted into the most prestigious schools such as Yale Law School and other ivy league schools.

Conclusion of Our Favorites

While there are a lot of great options, the top 3 are really miles ahead of the rest. However, if you only want to purchase 1, you’ll want  our #1 choice, the LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test QuestionsIt not only has great educational material, but you’ll find that the practice test section is particularly helpful  in your LSAT preparation journey.

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