What Are the Benefits of Essay Contests for High School Students?

What Are the Benefits of Essay Contests for High School Students?

Essay contests for high school students can have several benefits, particularly because they can enable students to win money to help pay for further education. They also promote the development of writing skills and may encourage a healthy sense of competition and a commitment to excellence among the young people who participate in them. Good writing and critical thinking skills are important to success in school, in employment, and in life. By participating in an essay contest, teenagers can hone these skills for their future benefit.

Several different types of organizations sponsor essay contests for high school students. These organizations may range from commercial businesses to not-for-profit organizations such as churches, community service organizations, and schools. Students who participate in these contests may have the chance to win college scholarships, cash, and other prizes as well as recognition for their writing skills. The scholarships are useful for assisting a student in pursuing his higher education goals, and the recognition may also enhance the student’s applications for admission into various colleges and universities.

The benefits of essay contests for high school students extend beyond the recognition and compensation for winning the contest. When a student enters an essay contest, he is typically required to write an essay to a very high standard. While getting good grades in school can certainly be a strong motivator to write well, the possibility of earning recognition beyond a classroom grade can often inspire a student to work a level above and beyond what he may normally be accustomed to. If a student pushes himself in essay contest for high school students, he may discover that his writing skills improve. This will be of considerable benefit to the student over the years, whether or not he decides to pursue writing as a career.

In some cases, essay contests for high school students encourage young writers to address controversial and pertinent social topics. By participating in such contests, the students can raise awareness about these issues and in some cases can actually contribute to the ways others think about and actually address these concerns. As such, essay contests for high school students encourage student participation in society. The process of researching and writing the essay also builds skills that will be necessary for academic achievement once the student graduates from high school and moves on to higher education. Ideally, these skills will continue to develop, preparing the student for greater success once he graduates from school and begins to live and work independently.

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