Your State’s Favorite Downton Abbey Character

One of the nation’s favorite British dramas, Downton Abbey has left many Americans obsessed with the Crawley household and their sensational lives.

The show’s characters have made their way into daily conversation and though the show ended in 2015, our love for the cast didn’t end then. With the latest release of the second feature film, Scholarship Institute wanted to know which of these beloved characters were loved most by each state. Find out your state’s favorite character below!

Map of Your State's Favorite Downton Abbey Character

Facts & Findings

  • Thomas Barrow is the most popular in the nation, winning the hearts of 11 states
  • Many of the costumes are original clothing items from the 1910s and 1920s
  • Eight states don’t have a favorite at all!
  • It costs more than one million Euros to create an episode of the show
  • Edith Crawley and John Bates tied as the second most popular characters in the nation with eight states each
  • Downton Abbey has won 58 awards and had 229 total award nominations


We looked at Google search trends over the last year for Downton Abbey characters that appeared in at least 50 episodes, according to IMDB. For any states that had a tie between two or more characters, we took the character with the highest search volume, according to Ahrefs.

StateFavorite Character
AlabamaLady Edith Crawley
ArizonaThomas Barrow
ArkansasJohn Bates
CaliforniaLady Mary Crawley
ColoradoLady Edith Crawley
ConnecticutLady Mary Crawley
District of ColumbiaViolet Crawley
FloridaLady Edith Crawley
GeorgiaThomas Barrow
IdahoJohn Bates
IllinoisLady Mary Crawley
IndianaLady Edith Crawley
IowaThomas Barrow
KansasJohn Bates
KentuckyJohn Bates
LouisianaCora Crawley
MaineLady Edith Crawley
MarylandJohn Bates
MassachusettsThomas Barrow
MichiganJohn Bates
MinnesotaRobert Crawley
MississippiLady Edith Crawley
MissouriAnna Bates
NebraskaLady Edith Crawley
NevadaCharles Carson
New HampshireMrs. Hughes
New JerseyLady Mary Crawley
New MexicoThomas Barrow
New YorkThomas Barrow
North CarolinaThomas Barrow
North Dakota???
OhioAnna Bates
OklahomaThomas Barrow
OregonDaisy Mason
PennsylvaniaAnna Bates
Rhode IslandLady Edith Crawley
South CarolinaLady Mary Crawley
South Dakota???
TennesseeAnna Bates
TexasThomas Barrow
UtahThomas Barrow
VermontMrs. Patmore
VirginiaJohn Bates
WashingtonThomas Barrow
West Virginia???
WisconsinJohn Bates