What Are the Different Types of College Scholarships for High School Seniors?

Among the many types of college scholarships for high school seniors are academic merit and need-based scholarships as well as those that are college- or — in the US — state-specific. Some college scholarships for high school seniors are granted based on membership in a club or organization, or even because a student joins the military. A high school student may also apply for scholarships that are competition based, such as those that award college money based on essay or artwork contests. Additionally, a person may receive a scholarship because of a skill, talent, or other special ability.

Academic merit and need-based scholarships are among the most common types of college scholarships for high school seniors. Often, organizations award scholarships based on academic merit. The students who receive these are usually those with the highest grades in high school and the highest grade point averages. Need-based scholarships are different, however. They are based on a person’s financial need instead.

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Some types of college scholarships for high school seniors are specific to a particular region or college. Regional scholarships are only available to people who are legal residents of a specific region. College-specific scholarships, however, are only available to people who will attend specific colleges. Either of these types of scholarships may have application criteria besides living in a particular area or attending a specific college. Some of these scholarships are academic merit or need based as well, for instance.

An individual can also find college scholarships for high school seniors that are based on membership in some type of organization or club. In such a case, any member of the organization may be eligible to apply, but the awarding of scholarships may depend on a range of factors. Even joining the military can translate into funds for some high school seniors. Military branches often have scholarship programs that pay a student’s way through college in exchange for years of service after he graduates.

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In some cases, scholarships for seniors require competition of some sort. For example, a person may have to submit an essay to compete against other students for a scholarship. Likewise, there are many scholarship opportunities for people who can demonstrate special skills and abilities, such as those that involve athleticism or musical talent. A person may also apply for a scholarship that is based on his interests, such as a special hobby or career goal. Some of these scholarships require competition as well.

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