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Find the Best Science Tutors: Our Top 5 Online Services of 2024

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With the right tools, learning science can be a fascinating way to understand the world around us, broaden our minds, and help us solve problems even in our daily lives. But it can also be a source of stress and frustration for many students because of its complex concepts and abstract theories. If your child is struggling, one of the best resources you can turn to is online science tutors.

A science tutor can not only work with students on their individual strengths and weaknesses, but the right science tutor can also make the process fun and engaging. In this comprehensive round-up, we’ve thoroughly researched and identified the best online science tutoring services on the market.

Although we are confident in Learner as our top pick for best science tutors, we’ve broken down the strengths and weaknesses of each company so that you can make the choice that feels right for your child. We guarantee that one of these platforms will connect you with the best science tutors for your child’s academic goals.

A Quick Look

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Our Review Methodology

We meticulously evaluate each tutoring platform to ensure our recommendations are trustworthy and reliable. Our assessment is independent and rigorous, focusing on the following key areas.

  • Expertise of Tutors (20%)
  • Teaching Methodology (15%)
  • Subject Matter Coverage (10%)
  • Tutor Accessibility (5%)
  •  Background Checks (15%)
  • Transparency (5%)
  • Data Security (5%)
  • Safeguarding Policies (5%)
  • Platform Usability (10%)
  • Customer Support (5%)
  • Personalization (3%)
  • Technological Integration (2%)

We are committed to providing unbiased, thorough, and transparent reviews of career assessment services, turning your trust into actionable advice for your career journey.

We reviewed each platform independently and scored it using the criteria students care about.


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Top 5 Science Online Tutoring Services

With so many tutoring services available online, it can be difficult to hone in on a service that’s just right for you. We’ve narrowed down five of the best platforms for science tutors to make things easier for you. Each one is catered toward a different type of student, so we’re confident that at least one will meet your needs!

1. Learner


Learner, a new and innovative tutoring platform, is our top choice for online science tutoring services. This service was started by experienced teachers who wanted to help people learn about math, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, life sciences, and more.

This innovative company has strict requirements for its tutors: each instructor must have a four-year college degree and several years of tutoring experience. Learner’s team uses an algorithm to match students with the best tutors for them. The algorithm examines the student’s schedule, personality, subject knowledge, learning style, and background skills. If students are unhappy with their first session, Learner will pair them with a different tutor or offer a full money-back guarantee.

Every Learner lesson occurs in a state-of-the-art virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard, video, and audio features. All lessons are recorded for safety reasons, but students can also use the recordings to help them study for a big biology test or a hard set of physics problems. Prices average $60 per hour. 


  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Highly qualified tutors
  • Innovative technology, including interactive whiteboard and recorded sessions
  • Tutor-matching system
  • Customized lesson plans and one-on-one sessions


  • Tutors are not available 24/7
  • Not geared toward on-demand homework help

Bottom Line: Due to its high-quality instructors, careful matching system, state-of-the-art virtual classrooms, and overall value, Learner is our number-one pick for online science tutoring platforms. Their approach to personalized and private tutoring ensures students will improve their science skills.

2. Wyzant


Wyzant offers both in-person and online tutoring options for students. Unlike many online tutoring services in this round-up, Wyzant acts more as a tutoring marketplace. Instead of getting matched with a tutor by the service, you must select your own tutor via a job-board style interface.

With over 80,000 tutors in Wyzant’s network, you’ll never be short on options, but it may be time-consuming to comb through your potential candidates. If you aren’t satisfied with the tutor you select, Wyzant offers a “Good Fit Guarantee.” If students aren’t happy with their first lesson, they get the first hour of tutoring for free. 

Aside from lessons, every Wyzant member also has access to online resources, which include more than 1 million interactive lessons and videos created by private tutors. Every Wyzant tutor sets their own rate based on education and experience, but on average, hourly rates cost between $35 and $80. Members must also pay a 9% service fee to Wyzant on top of these prices. 


  • Students can select tutors based on price
  • Offers a Good Fit Guarantee 
  • Additional online resources available


  • Must pay a service fee on top of tutor rates
  • No matching process or customized lesson plans
  • Quality of service differs greatly across tutors

Bottom Line: Wyzant is more like a market for tutors because it lets students choose their own tutors from a pool of more than 80,000 candidates. Every Wyzant member has access to online resources, like videos and interactive lessons, in addition to lessons.

3. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors

Parents who want to find good tutoring at an affordable price often use Varsity Tutors. This St. Louis-based service uses a placement algorithm to match students with one of their 40,000 tutors based on factors like schedule, educational needs, proficiency, learning style, interests, and goals.

This company promises that each of its tutors has undergone a thorough screening process that includes simulations, background checks, and interviews. However, it’s also important to remember that tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds, and the quality of each tutoring session highly depends on the tutor you are working with. 

Varsity Tutors is great for high school science students who are busy and sometimes don’t have access to their laptops. This platform works on cell phones as well as laptops. If students are in need of quick homework help, Varsity Tutors has an Instant Tutoring function that lets students connect to someone online in as little as 15 seconds. Pricing for this service typically costs around $50 per hour. 


  • Instant Tutoring function
  • Tutor matching system
  • Vetted tutors


  • Quality of service varies from tutor to tutor
  • Some tutoring rates are considered overpriced

Bottom Line: Varsity Tutors offers good tutors at an affordable price. That said, with over 40,000 tutors in its network, the quality of each session highly depends on the tutor you are working with. Varsity Tutor’s Instant Tutoring feature provides helpful support at a moment’s notice, but the platform may not be ideal for those looking for long-term assistance with the same tutor.

4. Chegg


Science students interested in Chegg only need to go through a three-step process in order to get started. First, a student will disclose what they need help with. Then, they will be matched with an available tutor in Chegg’s network. After that, they enter a live lesson space with text, audio, and video features. 

Chegg’s platform is tailored to help students who need on-demand homework help. While Chegg does not offer customized lesson plans or a matching algorithm, tutors are available 24/7 to help students. Not to mention, a subscription to Chegg starts at $15.95 per month.

Students can also look through thousands of homework problems that have already been solved or upload a picture of their own questions. All Chegg tutors must have previous tutoring or teaching experience and be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited four-year university. 


  • Affordable
  • Tutors are available 24/7
  • Provides access to a number of helpful resources


  • Customized lesson plans aren’t offered
  • No opportunity to build a long-term relationship with a tutor

Bottom Line: Chegg is an affordable online tutoring service that offers on-demand science homework help. Students can look through previously asked questions online, upload a photo of their own, or actively meet with an online tutor for science assistance.

5. Skooli


Skooli is best known for its pay-as-you-go learning model, which costs $0.82 per minute. Every lesson must last for at least 15 minutes. Students can also opt for various packages, which decrease the cost of lessons per minute. This flexible payment style makes Skooli one of the best online science tutoring platforms for on-demand homework help. 

To meet with a tutor, you can either enter a specific question into the platform or chat with a tutor to gauge interest. You will be taken right away to a live lesson with a tutor who specializes in a popular science subject like chemistry, biology, physics, or psychology.

Every Skooli classroom has a virtual whiteboard, which lets students and tutors work at the same time on hard science problems. Every Skooli lesson is also recorded for safety reasons. Additionally, students can use these recorded sessions as study tools, whether they are preparing for a big physics test or working on a complex biology assignment. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Innovative technology, including virtual whiteboards and recorded lessons


  • No customized lesson plans
  • No long-term tutoring offered
  • Services could add up quickly

Bottom Line: Due to its flexible, pay-as-you-go payment plan, Skooli is one of the best online science tutoring platforms for on-demand homework help. That said, if you are looking for customized lesson plans or would like to build a long-term tutoring relationship with an instructor, it could be best to look elsewhere.

Why Use Online Science Tutoring?

Online science tutoring can be an excellent resource for struggling science students for several reasons.

Tailored Lessons

Firstly, students can receive one-on-one attention from a tutor who can identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their instruction accordingly. This customized instruction can help students understand basic scientific principles and complex concepts that they may not have fully grasped in a traditional classroom setting. Tutors can explain scientific concepts in a way that’s easy to understand and provide real-world examples to make them more relatable, which can boost their problem-solving skills. 

Hands-On Approach

Tutors can also help students engage in hands-on experiments and activities that better illustrate scientific principles in action. This approach can be especially helpful for visual learners who struggle to grasp these concepts through textbook learning alone. 

Test Prep

For high school students, private science tutors also have the resources and flexibility to be able to gear their lessons toward test prep, challenging classes like AP Physics, AP Computer Science, or standardized tests for students looking to earn a science degree or attend graduate school.

How to Find the Right Online Science Tutor for Your Needs

Rather than trying to find the best online tutor, a good approach is to focus your search on finding the service that best serves your needs. Here are some of the criteria to consider during your search:

Use a reputable online tutoring platform

You want to make sure the tutoring company you select has established a respectable reputation for itself. The reputation of an online tutoring company is often heavily based on how good its tutors are.

Some companies have strict criteria for their tutors; for instance, Learner requires all of its tutors to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university and several years of teaching experience.

Some companies do thorough background checks and interviews, while others require new tutors to go through a training program. If this information is not readily available on a tutoring website, do some research or ask a company representative what their hiring process looks like. 

Check tutor credentials

Some online tutoring services will pair you with a tutor, while others will ask you to choose your own tutor. For example, Wyzant is a marketplace for tutoring that lets you look around for a tutor with the skills you want and a price you can afford.

If you have to choose your own tutor, it’s important to do your own background check on anyone you’re thinking about hiring. Look into each candidate’s background, education, experience, and subject matter expertise. For example, if you need a tutor for middle school biology, make sure the person you hire has taught a middle school chemistry curriculum before. 

Read reviews and ratings

While it’s important to consider your tutor’s profile, this information alone is not enough to make your final selection. Personality, philosophy, and approach are all important things that a tutor’s profile or resume might not disclose. It’s worth your while to read through reviews from former and current tutees to gauge their honest thoughts and opinions about their tutoring experience. 

Ask for recommendations

One of the best ways to find an online tutor you can trust is through a referral or recommendation. Put the word out in various communities, amongst neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers. It’s likely that within those groups, there will be several fellow parents who can directly refer you to a top-notch online science tutor. If possible, also check in with your child’s science teacher. Not only might they have a tutoring recommendation for you, but they will also have a good idea of what type of tutor will work best with your child. 

Conduct an interview

Once you’ve narrowed down your online science tutoring candidates, ask if they’d be willing to hop on a short phone call. This is your chance to ask them anything you couldn’t figure out from their profile or reviews, like how they approach and think about tutoring. Talking to someone in person is also a great way to gauge their personality and demeanor and determine whether you think they will get along well with your child. 

How We Chose the Best Online Science Tutoring Services

You may be wondering: of all the online tutoring services available, how did we hone in on these top five? Here are the factors we carefully considered during our selection process: 

Quality of tutors

An online tutoring service is only as good as the tutors they hire. When selecting our online services, we looked into how each company went about hiring its instructors and chose those with high standards for every applicant. For instance, Learner only hires instructors with bachelor’s degrees from a four-year university and several years of teaching experience. We also looked at whether or not tutoring companies conducted background checks and interviews and whether they offered training programs for new tutors entering their network. 

Customized plans for learning

We think that the best online tutoring platforms give each student a unique way to learn. One of the biggest advantages private tutoring has over classroom learning is that instructors only need to cater their lesson plans to one student. This gives instructors the freedom to focus on a student’s areas of weakness and bypass the content they are already familiar with. Excellent tutors will even factor students’ interests into their science lesson plans. The more a tutor tailors their lesson plans toward a student, the more likely the student is to achieve academic success. 

Availability and flexibility

If your child is a high school or college student, there’s a strong chance they have a hectic schedule. High school students who balance extracurricular activities, homework, and a part-time job often do their homework and study during the evening and on weekends. Thus, we wanted to include tutoring services with tutors who worked during irregular hours. Some of these services, which specialize in on-demand homework help, even have tutors who are available 24/7. 

Communication and feedback

An important part of a child’s learning is getting feedback on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many students don’t receive the necessary positive reinforcement and feedback in science classrooms due to a lack of time and resources. Therefore, we wanted to select tutoring services that incorporate regular feedback sessions into their tutoring programs. We looked for companies that tracked student progress, regularly communicated with parents and guardians, and provided regular updates. 

Technology and resources

For a long time, people thought online tutoring was not as good as in-person tutoring. But now, thanks to new technology, online tutoring works just as well as in-person tutoring. We focused on finding online tutoring platforms that had interactive whiteboards in their virtual classrooms so that students and tutors could work together on physics or chemistry equations. We also sought out tutoring companies that recorded their lessons for safety reasons. Recorded lessons also double as study tools when students are preparing for a big biology test or a chemistry quiz. 

Benefits of Online Science Tutoring

There are many advantages that online science tutoring has over in-person tutoring and classroom learning. Here are some of the ways your child can benefit from working with an online tutoring platform:


One of the biggest problems with in-person tutoring is that you often have to travel to and from your science teacher’s house or a tutoring center. Even if your commute is only 30 minutes each way, this can double your time commitment to tutoring each week. Time is extremely precious for most science students and their families, which is where online tutoring comes in. With virtual sessions, students can dial in from anywhere, whether they are in a classroom, at an away game, or in their bedroom. 


In science courses, teachers must cater their lesson plans toward what works best for most students. While this may be beneficial for the majority of students, a handful of them may be struggling.

Customized lesson plans are one of the most beneficial aspects of private tutoring. Instructors can tailor their lesson plans toward the science concepts a student needs the most help with, skipping past the topics and skills they are already familiar with. A certified science teacher can also teach lessons in a way that fits how a student likes to learn. 

Access to a wider range of tutors

One of the hardest things about in-person tutoring is finding a tutor who fits your needs and lives close by. Even if you find the perfect high school science teacher in your neighborhood, their hourly rate might be outside of your budget, or their schedule might not align with your child’s. When it comes to online tutoring, geography is not a factor. You can work with a secondary science education expert from anywhere worldwide without sacrificing standards to make things work. 

More affordable

Online science instructors are often more affordable than in-person tutors for several reasons. First of all, in-person tutors often have to pay for rent, utilities, and supplies, among other things. On the other hand, if they need to commute to their tutees’ homes, that also costs time and money. All of these additional fees will likely be factored into a tutor’s hourly rates and overall costs. Also, there is usually more demand for in-person tutors, so teachers can raise their rates without any negative effects. 

Technology integration

Parents may fear online learning isn’t as engaging as in-person tutoring. However, through the use of technology, private tutors have found ways to make this experience just as fun and exciting for students. Private tutors utilize interactive whiteboards, video conferences, and instructional games to enhance students’ learning experiences and make their lessons more effective. 

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly reviewing the top services for online science tutors against the above metrics, Learner stood out as the strongest choice for its innovative approach and high-quality tutors. They also offered the greatest overall value with the most flexibility for individualized support and long-term assistance.

Teaching science requires advanced resources that Learner’s virtual classroom can offer. The recorded sessions also add value as a study tool for exam prep. Learner students are set up with custom-based curriculums that tailor to their specific learning process and long-term goals. That kind of flexible teaching style is important for students looking to tackle complex concepts and abstract theories.

Through personalized science lessons, expert tutors, and state-of-the-art tools, Learner fosters confident students with the resources they need to strengthen their academic potential, build confidence, and achieve their science-related goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering if tutoring sessions are the right choice for your child’s education, here are some answers to the questions we’ve heard the most:

What are online science tutoring services?

Online science tutoring services are platforms or websites that allow you to connect virtually with a science instructor. Through these services, students can easily find professionals who know how to teach a wide range of science subjects, from physical science and test prep to computer science and earth science. 

Who should use online science tutoring services?

Almost any science student can benefit from working with an online tutoring service. While many tutees hope to build a foundation in a certain subject or improve their grades, others seek someone to help them get ahead in their class curriculum. 

How much do online science tutoring services cost?

Many science tutors base their rates on their level of education and how much teaching experience they have. On average, you can expect a private science tutor to charge between $40 and $80 for every hour of instruction. Online tutoring is typically more affordable than in-person tutoring. 

What should you look for in online science tutoring services?

When looking for an online science tutor, you should consider many things, such as the quality of the lessons, the tutors’ availability, and how much the service costs. You should also consider whether or not your child would benefit more from long-term customized lessons or on-demand homework help. 

What are the pros of using online science tutoring services?

There are many advantages that online science tutoring has over in-person tutoring, including convenience, affordability, and access to a wide range of experts. Because virtual classrooms use new technology, many people think online tutoring is just as good as in-person tutoring. 

What are the cons of using online science tutoring services?

Some students struggle to stay engaged in a virtual learning environment, especially younger children and those with learning disabilities. If your child is easily distracted or needs more motivation to learn, they may do better in a face-to-face setting.

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