Fund Your STEM Degree: Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship Review

The Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship offers financial aid for female students pursuing their college education in mathematics. Students in related STEM fields are also eligible for this $1,000 award.

What Is Learner?

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Learner is a tutoring company that’s dedicated to providing students with customizable one-on-one teaching from exceptional education professionals. Anyone, from an elementary school child to a graduate student, can get individualized instruction in Learner’s virtual classroom.

Founded by educators, this online tutoring service employs highly qualified subject matter experts who are experienced tutors. Learner tutors are passionate about inspiring students and giving them the tools to succeed.

What Is the Women in Mathematics Scholarship?

Women in Mathematics Scholarship
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The Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship is a merit award offered to female undergraduate students or graduating high school seniors who are pursuing math or a related discipline. It’s open to female students and those who identify as a woman in the broadest sense.

How Much Is the Women in Mathematics Worth?

The Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship is worth $1,000. The money goes directly to the financial aid office of the recipient’s academic institution (or future institution). The money is sent directly to the winner if their school doesn’t have a financial aid office.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

This scholarship is open to high school seniors planning to study math or a related field. Current undergraduate college and university students pursuing STEM education are also eligible. Female students at two-year, four-year, vocational, and technical schools may apply for this scholarship.

Learner accepts the broadest, most-open interpretation of the term “women.” As such, this scholarship is open to female students as well as those who identify as trans, non-binary, queer, femme, or similar.

What Is the Evaluation Criteria?

Learner awards the Women in Mathematics Scholarship to an “unapologetically ambitious” applicant pursuing a degree in math or a similar field, such as computer science. Applicants must write a compelling story about why they are passionate about math and how math principles have shaped their understanding of the world.

Scholarship Institute’s Take

The Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship is a legitimate award sponsored by a trustworthy company that’s dedicated to facilitating education. The application process is fairly easy as well. This particular scholarship has already been awarded once, so you can trust that it’s reliably funded. Plus, you can read the winner’s essay for inspiration before you write your own.

How Hard Is the Application?

The Women in Mathematics Scholarship application does have an essay component, which some students find challenging. However, the subject of the essay is math, which should be a fairly easy topic for applicants to write about, given that the scholarship is designed for students who like math so much they want to get a degree in it. To submit your essay and application, you must create a profile on Bold.org, which is a fast and straightforward process.

How Competitive Is This Scholarship?

This award is only available to female high school seniors and college students studying math or a related STEM subject. As such, the number of applicants will be smaller than for scholarships open to students in any field. However, this award does have an essay component, so you know that the scholarship committee will be comparing each applicant based on their writing skills and their passion for math.

Should You Apply?

If you’re a woman who wants to study math in college, this is a great scholarship to apply for. Even though you have to write an essay, it should be fairly easy for you to explain why you like math, given that you have decided to pursue a math degree. Once you create your Bold.org profile, you can also access and apply for other scholarships on the platform. 

Our Tips for Applying for the Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for women pursuing math or other STEM fields, such as biological or physical sciences or computer science. Follow these tips to create a stand-out application and maximize your chance of winning. 

Craft a Compelling Profile

Before you can submit your application and essay, you need to create your personal Bold.org profile. Scholarship committee members will be using this profile to learn about you, so make sure you complete all the fields accurately and upload a high-quality photo. There are places to describe your work experience, education, and extracurriculars, so take the time to showcase your notable accomplishments and life experiences.

Learn From the Best

On the Bold.org page for the Women in Mathematics Scholarship, you can see the past finalists and recipients along with winning essays. Use these resources to optimize your personal profile and find inspiration for your essay.

Write a Thoughtful Scholarship Essay

Your essay is the most important part of your application for this scholarship. You need to write about why you’re drawn to math and how math principles have shaped your understanding of the world. 

The essay should be between 400 and 600 words, so you need to write concisely and make your point clearly. Take some time to think about the topic before you start writing so you know exactly what you want to say.

Present Yourself Well

Because this scholarship has an essay component, you know that the decision-makers will be looking very closely at each application. It’s essential to make sure your essay is unique, compelling, and error-free. 

Apply On Time!

The Women in Mathematics Scholarship is a biannual award – there’s a winner every six months. It’s especially important to keep up on the deadlines and make sure you’re applying as soon as possible for the next open award. This particular scholarship doesn’t favor early applicants (like some others do), but getting your application in as soon as you can gives you more time to find and apply for other scholarships.

How Do I Apply?

Visit the Learner site to get all the details about the Women in Mathematics Scholarship and find the link to apply. The Apply Now button takes you to Bold.org, the scholarship platform hosting this award. 

  • Craft your personal profile: To apply for the Women in Mathematics Scholarship or any other award on Bold.org, you must first create a profile. You can upload a picture and add details about your education, work, extracurriculars, and community service to tell your story to scholarship committee members. 
  • Click the Apply Now button: The link to apply for the Learner Education Women in Mathematics Scholarship is on the right side of the page.

There are many similar scholarships open to high school and college students, STEM majors, and women. After writing your essay for this scholarship, you might want to take the time to apply to other awards with similar requirements.

When Is the Deadline To Apply?

The Women in Mathematics Scholarship is awarded to one winner every six months. The next application deadline is August 26, 2022.

FAQs About the Women in Mathematics Scholarship

Get more information about this scholarship for female students in math and other STEM programs. It’s also open to those studying to be women engineers.

How to write a scholarship essay?

The most important key to writing an essay for a scholarship application is to be yourself. Don’t try to write what you think a scholarship committee wants to read – be genuine and honest. The essay for the Women in Mathematics Scholarship is all about your passion for math, so take the opportunity to discuss the subject from your unique viewpoint.

Can you get a scholarship for math?

Yes! There are many scholarships that are open to students who are studying math. In most cases, applicants need to be college students pursuing a math degree or high school students intending to enroll in this type of program. Some math scholarships have minimum GPA requirements.

What is a STEM scholarship?

This type of scholarship provides financial aid to students studying a subject in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Many of these STEM fields are male-dominated and lack the unique perspectives that women and other minority groups can provide, so some STEM scholarships are specifically open to underrepresented groups.

Can you get a scholarship for STEM?

STEM scholarships are generally open to college undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a STEM degree program. Some awards are also open to high school students who plan to major in a STEM field, such as computer science or electrical engineering. While some awards have additional eligibility requirements, such as a minimum GPA, others are open to all students interested in pursuing STEM.

What are other women in STEM scholarships?

There are numerous scholarship programs open to STEM students, and many of them target underrepresented groups, including university women. There are several Scholarships for Women in STEM that are available on Bold.org, and applying for them is easy once you’ve created a profile.

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