Review: A Reality Check on Online ADHD Services

Why is more than just another online service: a first-hand account of adult ADHD management.

This review will detail my experience with and why I chose them. I aim to give you an honest overview of the service and how it helped me understand my behaviors. While your experience and treatment options will vary from mine, I’ll show you how the process works and what you can expect if you decide to try it. 


ADHDAdvisor is like many online ADHD services you may have encountered, but it approaches ADHD treatment with a holistic and personalized mindset. I got matched with an MD who empathized with my situation and took the time to come up with an ideal treatment. I never felt like he tried to push a one-size-fits-all solution or prescription to move on to the next patient, so I’ve stuck with them since my diagnosis. 


  • Plenty of scheduling availability for people with busy routines
  • Genuine providers who care about their patients
  • Multiple treatment options depending on the person’s needs
  • Easy-to-use patient portal and messaging interface
  • Fair prices for comprehensive care 


  • Newer service with few customer reviews
  • Doesn’t prescribe stimulant medication

My Verdict:

I had a great experience with and have continued to meet with my provider to monitor my care. I also appreciated the simplicity of getting started and booking my appointment, which otherwise would have taken weeks because of the growing industry shortage. If you’re an adult who feels like you may have ADHD, I highly recommend trying, even if only to rule it out. vs. Competitors

Comparing to its peers reveals a few key strengths and areas of differentiation. Here’s how it contrasts with Cerebral and Done:

Satisfaction Guarantee
Compliance with HIPAA
Option to Change Providers
Service Across the US
Ease of Scheduling
Therapy Treatments
Medication Treatments
Ability to Prescribe Stimulants
Subscription Availability
Board-Certified Medical Professionals
Customized ADHD Care

Bottom Line Comparison: offers a wide range of ADHD services, from non-stimulant medication to psychotherapy. It stands out for its commitment to personalized care, holistic support, and customer satisfaction, making it my preferred service for ADHD treatment. 

It’s a major plus that Cerebral offers therapy for its ADHD and mental health services. Still, I wish it came with a money-back guarantee or the option to try the service before paying for a monthly subscription.  

Although Done doesn’t have a complete offering of ADHD treatments, it’s still a cost-effective solution for adults needing prescription refills and adjustments.

My Experience with

As a marketing professional who has spent years juggling projects, travel, and deadlines, I was the last person you’d expect to have ADHD. Yet, when I started working from home, I began to feel forgetful and restless, causing me to research these sudden symptoms. It could’ve been any number of things, from anxiety or depression to stress or adult ADHD, so I decided to speak with a professional.

I purposely wanted to try an ADHD online diagnostic service because of its flexibility and convenience, but I wasn’t looking to get a prescription unless I absolutely needed it. I wanted to understand my options and what works best for me, and ensured it only provides personalized treatment plans. As a result, I signed up.

The process involves a basic assessment, an initial diagnosis consultation, and finally, the treatment plan if diagnosed. Here’s how my experience unfolded: 

Taking the Assessment

ADHD Taking the Assessment

I first had to take a free assessment on the website, which asked a series of personal questions with multiple-choice ranked responses. The topics involved assessing concentration, organization, short-term memory, and motivation. The assessment took a few minutes to finish, after which I was told there was a chance I had ADHD. 

Scheduling a Diagnosis Appointment

Once I progressed, showed me the available appointment times. I was surprised I could schedule appointments on weekends or the same day, but I’m glad I didn’t jump right into it.

After I booked my appointment and paid the $20 deposit, I got an email inviting me to create a patient portal, which must be completed with all the required documents filled out at least four hours before the diagnosis appointment (those four hours allow the clinician to review your documents before the first call). 

Setting Up My Patient Portal uses an interface called Healthie to manage appointments, communication, payments, documents, and more. In addition to filling out the required patient intake forms and authorizations, I had to submit a photo of my ID before meeting with my provider. Once I finished all the steps, the only thing left to do was have my appointment. 

Meeting with My Clinician

I met with my mental health clinician on Zoom and had a normal conversation. He asked me similar questions to what I answered on the self-reported assessments, but I could elaborate on my feelings in greater detail. He explained that he was trying to understand how I work and perceive things, which allows him to analyze whether I have adult ADHD and, if so, what kind of ADHD.

We talked for thirty minutes about my habits and typical behaviors, family medical history, current roadblocks, and how I respond in certain situations. I never felt pressured or judged, and my provider took the time to explain what he was thinking toward the end of the appointment.

Eventually, my provider recommended I meet for one more follow-up visit to confirm if I have ADHD. He said I showed signs of having hyperactive and inattentive habits but wanted to rule out other potential causes. We set some time aside for another visit, and shortly after, I paid the remaining $130 for my appointment. Treatment Plans

I won’t go into specifics about what my provider eventually recommended for me, but generally, clinicians will recommend one, all, or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Medication management with a qualified mental health clinician: This option only involves using non-stimulant medications that aren’t considered controlled substances. The best type of medication will vary depending on the patient, but if they need stimulants, my provider mentioned they can connect them with an in-person provider who can write the prescription.
  • One-on-one virtual therapy sessions: Patients who may not need medication can try therapy to overcome their challenges. These appointments last for 50-55 minutes and can help build healthy habits and confidence, whether you have ADHD or didn’t get diagnosed at all.
  • Personalized success coaching: Patients who need success coaching will meet weekly or bi-weekly with a trained mental health coach to develop a roadmap to overcome their barriers. While this option is similar to therapy, it specifically seeks to help people address the challenges that prevent them from reaching their potential. 

What I Liked About

From start to finish, I had a positive experience with These are the top benefits and selling points that made me stick with the service. 

Personalized Treatment Options

I wanted a service that considered my individual needs and preferences, and that’s exactly what I experienced with My provider explained all the available treatment options but clarified that finding the best one for me would take time. After working together and sharing my situation, I’m confident in our chosen plan and know how I can continue to improve. 

Affordable Pricing 

Compared to paying out-of-pocket for an in-person clinician, offers similar or better quality but at a fraction of the price. My diagnosis appointment only cost $150, which is less expensive than other services I researched. I also have the option to purchase a subscription, whether for medication management, therapy, or a combination, And for some requests, I only have to message my provider. 

Convenient Scheduling 

I still had the same scheduling flexibility even after I booked my initial diagnosis appointment. Options for seven days a week were available, and I knew I could book a same-day appointment if I needed immediate support. Not only did I feel reassured that I was always within reach of my provider, but it helped manage my work and personal schedule. 

Provider Matching and Support says it will rematch patients with a new provider if they don’t feel it is the right fit, but I haven’t had to explore this feature. Still, knowing I have the option in case I move or need to find a new provider is helpful. Additionally, has a generous satisfaction policy and an accessible customer service team, whether by phone or email. 

Closing Thoughts gave me the tools I needed to overcome the recent struggles I started experiencing. I am equipped to navigate my barriers as a work-from-home professional but know where to look for support when needed. played a huge role in my newfound confidence and success plan, and without it, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken to find the proper support.

While my experience reflects what I encountered with my provider, I’m confident the rest of the team at offers the same quality that I got. But if you’re unsatisfied with the services or your clinician, reach out to customer service for support.

I hope my review was enlightening and showed you what you can expect. Whether you are in a similar position to me or want an easier way to get support for your ADHD treatment, I encourage you to take the assessment on to get in touch with a clinician. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Still have questions about Here are some common inquiries along with their answers. 

Can you trust is a legitimate company that is fully HIPAA compliant. Based on my experience, yes, you can trust its services and team of licensed mental health clinicians. My provider took the time to understand my needs and create a personalized treatment plan. Everything was confidential and kept private between my provider and me. 

How much does cost? costs $150 for the initial appointment, and follow-up appointments cost anywhere from $90 to $175 for medication management or therapy without a subscription. Since the frequency and recommendations in your treatment plan will vary, it’s best to consult your provider to determine the total cost. 

Does offer refunds? claims to have a full satisfaction and money-back guarantee. If patients aren’t happy with their provider or didn’t get the experience they were looking for, they can contact customer support to request a refund. However, patients looking for a refund because of a canceled appointment will only receive credit if they give 24-hour notice. 

Can prescribe medication? 

Yes, can prescribe medication for ADHD, anxiety, and PTSD. These include SSRIs, SNRIs, and non-stimulant medication for ADHD. If patients need a medication on the DEA controlled substance list, their clinician may refer them to an in-person provider who can assist.

Summary Table:

Treatment CostInitial diagnosis appointment: $20 deposit + $130 after the appointment

1x therapy appointment: $175 ($140 per week with a subscription)

1x medication management session: $150 ($100 per month with a subscription)

1x success coaching session: $90 ($75 per week with a subscription)

Medication management and therapy subscription: $380 per month (1x medication management and 2x therapy appointments)

Bi-monthly therapy subscription: $280 per month (2x therapy appointments)
Communication Method(s)Zoom video calls and confidential messaging through Healthie
Treatment OptionsNon-stimulant medication, virtual therapy, and success coaching sessions (frequency may vary)
Provider QualificationsMDs, PMHNPs, and fully licensed therapists
Scheduling AvailabilityFlexible scheduling with morning to evening availability 7 days a week
Available States35 states
Age Restrictions18+
HIPAA Compliance
Satisfaction Guarantee
Ability to Change Providers
Personalized Treatment Plans

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